The other celeb chef restaurant in One New Change – Bread Street Kitchen

One New Change for those that don’t know, this is the the semi open shopping centre next to St Paul’s Cathedral. It offers amazing view of the cathedral, be in from the main entrance or the 6th floor roof terrace. There are your favourite high st shops like H&M, Topshop, Zara, COS, M&S plus a wide selection of restaurants to suit all taste and price point. It is actually one of my favourite place and its not only because it’s really close to my place!!!

As I mentioned already there are many restaurants here. 2 of these are owned by celebrity chefs. There’s Jamie Oliver’s Barbeoca and Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. Since we had already been to Barbeoca before (mixed feelings) we decided to check out Bread Street Kitchen after some retail therapy. To be honest our first thoughts were that both restaurants offered similar menus so just go to the newer one!!! Lol!!!

I have to say we made the right choice!!! I in particular loved the 1920s Art Deco theme and the amazing light fixtures! The service, foods and cocktails weren’t half bad neither! The menu was not hugely creative but offered good variety. Most of the dishes were above average however as I’ve mentioned in othe posts I’ve increasingly found that a lot of restaurants now fail at the last hurdle. What I mean by that it’s how in most cases the dessert are always the worst course!!! This is as I’ve predicted for Bread Street Kitchen. I was once again let down by the fancy description!!!

The prices were what you would expect from a Ramsay restaurant and most of the customers here seem to be bankers or nearby office workers. It’s not really one that you would just casually stroll into!!! I would say it’s more for if you want to impress someone like a date or a special occasion! 

I just adore the colour scheme and the details!!!
Snow crab sushi, don’t mind if I do!
These prawns is lovely and smokey!!! The salsa was good with it too, giving a bit of zest!

These sticky wings might not look like much in the photo but tasted great!
This roasted cod was well cooked and has good complimentary sides

If you can cook a steak well!!!
I think this duck was the best dish of the night!
Looks good but was dry and too hard!
This strawberry parfait was ok though.


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