One dish restaurants are onto a winner!!!

I know neither of these places are new and have been reviewed to death but since I’ve just been to both recently I thought I’d do a quick post as I just think they’re onto such a good thing. Again this is not a new concept especially in South East Asia, where many eateries concentrate on only one or two specialities!!! Ok time to reveal what restaurants I’ve been talking about!!!

Burger & Lobster

If you haven’t been to a Burger & Lobster then you’re missing out!!! Or maybe you’re just not into burgers or lobsters, which is absolutely fine! However it’s only because you haven’t had a chance then I would suggest you go. The lobster roll for me is the stand out star as I’m a lazy lobster eater!!! Lol!!!


I love the industral feel of this chain, it gives a hip but chill out vibe!
Um… love this, craving for it now!!! £20 for crispy, fluffy and sweet brioche filled with succulent pieces of lobsters and a creamy sauce. All these accomanied by crunchy, salty chips and a well dressed salad!!! What else can you ask for???
Or if you like you can just have your lobster and eat it. We tend to go for steamed but you can have grilled too if you fancy some smoky flavour!
Or if you’re really hungry/greedy/indecisive then you can go for the combo where you can have a burger and half a lobster. I can’t remember the price but I’m sure it’s reasonable. The burger here is decent but I wouldn’t come here especially for this if you catch my drift!



If you have been reading my blog you can see that there has been lots of steaks!!! To be honest I’m not a massive steak fan but if it’s good, it’s verrrrry good!!! There’s been lots of hype around Flatiron for a long time now but I just hadn’t had the chance to go. I was due to catch up with my friends who suggested it so off we went queuing. 

A little too for you, they offer electronic queuing. This means instead of standing in a line outside following whoever you think it’s the last person. You should stroll in grab the nearest waiter you can see and ask to put your name and number down. Then you’ll receive a text confirming you are in the queue and then once your table is ready. Which means you can walk off and come back later!!! I love this service which is used also at Ippudo!!!
As per the name suggest their one main dish is a flatiron steak which the waitress helpfully explained to us it’s the shoulder of the cow ( I didn’t know that 😓) There was also a special which was Wagyu beef but we felt we could have that in other restaurant so all 3 of us went for the signature dish. We actually all had it cooked differently, medium well, medium and medium rare (recommended by the restaurant) We also ordered 2 sides to share and a soft drink each. It came to less than £17 each!!!  The steak is only £10, I mean that’s good value for money!!!! Especially as this is by far one of the best steaks I’ve had in London (bar my mum’s of course)

In summary of course I have no reservation to recommend this place!!! The service was quick and friendly, we actually sat there way after we finished our foods (mattering away) but they didn’t ask us to leave at all!!! Say thing that this is not somewhere to come and have a long leisurely dinner as you do start to feel guilty when you know there are people waiting for a table!!! Lastly make sure you allow plenty of time because if you’re unlucky the queue can get quiet long, we only had to wait 15mins (they only sit full party). Enjoy!!!

This was 5 o’clock on a Tues afternoon and there were already a few people waiting
The menu is on the wall, you can see it’s very simple but the proof is in the taste!!!
I love that we’re given a mini cleaver as standard even though they’ve already cut up the steaks for us!!! I guess if yoy’re very ladylike and need to cut the pieces up more!!! (not me)
I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get a good pic of the steak!!! I’ve also forgot to take pics of the sides!!! 😔


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