One of my favourite and still going strong – Arbutus 

We wanted to find a somewhere special for my sister’s last night in London so I booked us a table at Arbutus. I have been to this restaurant many times in the past and have also recommended it to numerous friends/colleagues!!! Which of course means that I have been very impressed with the food!!! However it has been a long time since I’ve visited so it was touch and go…

As the title suggests I was not disappointed!!! The dishes are still as beautifully presented as always, each dish is like an art piece!!! The service was very attentive and friendly. After this meal I’ll again be recommending this restaurant to everyone. The menu changes daily based on the whats in season so you know everything are fresh. This is also the reason that I’m not gonna be able to name all the dishes we had. Sorry! My one misgiving is that it’s quite expensive here, however they do offer a pre-theatre 3 courses menu for £25 if you can make it here between 5-6:30pm Mon-Sat. 

The deco is very modern and understated. Oh and it was really early on a Sunday evening hence why it looks so quiet!
Interesting photo on the wall, can you tell what it is?
The daily menu!
Quail scotch egg, so this is actually really tiny!!! The peas really helped to freshen up the dish!
Lamb’s testicles…it was interesting…I did not tell my nephews what they were eating….
This was my absolute favourite dish!!! The burrata was sooo creamy and the watermelon was just an amazing match!!!
Cod with corns and potatoes, the fish was cooked perfectly and the beg really add to the flavours.
Duck breast with sweet potato pureé and caramelised onions. So good!!!
Honey ice cream worh honeycombe, I was actually expecting real honeycombe but the ice cream so smooth I’ll let this go! 😝
Fantastic custard tart with nutmeg toppings!!!
Strawberries sorbets with broken merguines, very refreshing snd so pretty!!!


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