A little bit of French sophistication on a rainy London afternoon- Aubaine Selfridges

We wanted to meet my cousin for lunch in Selfridges and thought we’d check out Aubaine on the 2nd floor, it’s not the easiest place to find but just remove its right next to the shoes!!! They don’t normally take bookings at this branch but as we were a table of 10, they made an exception and we were on strict orders to aware within 15mins of our booking time!!! 

The restaurant felt like an oasis out of the hustle and bustle of Oxford St. I especially liked the decor and atmosphere, the service was attentive and the foods were of a good standard. Definitely not a bad place to take a break from your shopping.

The plants were a great touch to the decor!
Oeuf Royale, this was basically an Egg Benedict. You can’t go far wrong with lovely runny egg and creamy sauce!!!
Goujons de Poisson Pané, posh fish fingers if you like. :p
Jambons, Crudités & Fromages , really fresh and crunchy salad, especially loved the tapenade.
Tartare de Saumon , I was a little disappointed as I expected the pieces to be finer and it was a little salty!!!
Carpaccio de boeuf, vinaigrette aux truffes, I didn’t try this but my sis thought it was the best beef carpaccio she’s had recently!
Agneau , lamb breast and rump. This was what I ordered and I have to say I had food envy!!! I felt the lamb was a little overcooked for my taste! The rest of the dish was still very tasty though!!!
My nephews are always ordered the steak!!!
Cabillaud – Roast cod, baby spring vegetables, asparagus, spinach purée, salsa verde. This was cooked to perfection!!! Food envy!!!
Spaghetti au homard, loster spaghetti!!! This was my absolute favourite!!! It jus tasted of the sea with creamy goodness!!! Massive food envy!!!
Aubaine Burger au Filet de Boeuf, this was basically a beef fillet sandwich, not really a burger at all!!! Unfortunately the fillet was not cooked well…
I was soooo full but the waitress brought ove a PLATTER of desserts!!! I mean how can I turn that down when they were just there??? This I believe is a great tactic to lure unsuspecting customers to order desserts!!! Lol!!! Well I was weak and ordered a ginormous portion of Mille Feuille but it was very yummy and I managed to share it out, of course it helped that I was the only piggy who went for dessert!!!


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