Italy & Switzerland- restaurants edit part 3

I can’t believe I’m now onto part 3 not to mention this is taking far longer than normal!!! I think it’s because I hadn’t planned the restaurants therefore I now need to retrospectively go find out the names of the restaurants and location!!! Well let’s push on and get that done!!! If you have not read part 1 & part 2 then please go and have a look!!! 

So at the end of  part 2, we had just arrived in Switzerland and had our 1st and last meal in Lucerne. We then headed off to Lausanne for….Chinese food!!!


Au Canard du Pekinois

I know I know, it wasn’t my choice but I do love Chinese food and it was a courtesy call. The restaurant is owned by a friend of my dad. I’m not being bias but the foods are really good and very authentic Cantonese food.  Mind you they seems to have served us dishes that were off the menu so maybe we had special service. 

However I would recommend this if you’re after something a bit more exotic whilst travelling in Switzerland! You’ll see that I have a lot more pics here, that’s because Chinese food is all about sharing and to share you’ll need lots!!!


Traditional Chinese broth, great for a pick me up after a long journey!
Yup, these are samosas!!!
Har Gau, prawn dumplings, love these!!!
Spicy crispy ribs, my nephrew had about 4 of these!!!
Mini fish cakes.
Wantons, more dumplings, these were massive!!!
Steamed fish, gruesome for some but we loved it!!!
Steamed whole chicken
Chinese mushrooms with Chinese cabbages in a thick dark sauce!
Char Siu, bbq roast pork, my absolute favourite way to cook pork!!!
Tempura prawns
A Chinese meal is not complete without a plate of fruits!!!
Vanilla ice cream with black glutinous rice and some creatively placed fruits!
Lemon sorbet with some stem ginger.

After lunch we headed to my last destination – Geneva. (I said mine as the rest of the group carried onto Dijon and Paris)


Brasserie Lipp

For our last family dinner in Europe, we went for everyone’s favourite – seafood!!! Also as we’re now in the French region, the seafood platter is the way to go.

After a quick research on Tripadvisor we settled on this restaurant which is on top of a small shopping centre. The food was good and we sat in the cute courtyard. The service was good if a little slow especially when we tried to pay for our bill!!! I swear that happens in every restaurant!!! Another trait that many places share is that the desserts always falter!!! The reason I assume is because a lot them do not have a pastry chef??!!

The courtyard where we dined!
Not sure what the condiments were but they were very good!
Snails time!!! I really love snails!!!
Whole artichoke!!!
This is what I’d called a seafood soup, there are lots of seafoods below the surface!!!
Seafood platter, enough said!!!
Mussels again, lol!

Beef fillet
Roasted sole, added at the end…not a good idea!
Macarons and chocolate ice cream, sorry my macarons are better!!! 😁
  Café du Centre

The last meal before my flight, we just went for the nearest restaurant near where we parked the car, oh and round the corner from Louis Vuitton!!!

This was another hit and miss restaurant. Service was also the same as they kept getting the order wrong which meant first we got an extra chicken dish then an extra steak which we couldn’t finish and had to be thrown away!!! 


This tapas platter looks tempting and colourful but it’s completely style over substance! i
The steaks were well cooked in a good sauce but we just got one too many!
Another steak, loved the courgettes ring!!!
Chicken with rice and wild mushroom, much better than expected!
Yup mussels again!

Wow I’m done!!! So happy!!!

Well the trips definitely had up and down points when it came to food but generally it  has been good. A lot of these restaurants would not have been my choice not least that in most cases I couldn’t have been able to afford them!!! But I’m glad I got the chance to try them all, good or bad!!! It has also help to inspire my cooking too!!!

Right need to start on all my London kids post and Leeds posts!!! Watch this space!!!




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