Italy & Switzerland – restaurants edit part 2

Right, let’s continue my restaurants journey through Italy to Switzerland. If you want to check out all the scenic pics from this trip then please check out my post here or if you can read part 1 of the restaurants edit here!  

After Florence we headed to the beautiful city of Venice, this as you might already know was my favourite city on this trip! The food however was a little hit and miss…


Unknown Restaurant 

I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t noted down the name of this restaurant and has not been able to find the name, all I have is the address so I’ve added a pic from Google Map below to help you find it…

The restaurant was probably a little touristy but it was at an amazing location, right on the main square in Burano and the foods were really tasty!!! The pastas were full of flavours and I introduced my family to polenta which they adored!!! I just felt they really showed off how simply cooked food can be so delicious!!!


This is the location on Google Map.
This is the street view from Google Map, the restaurant is the one on the right with all those guys sitting outside.
Sorry about the lighting but we were in the shade!!! These was the seafood platter. most notiable were the brown shrimps and the pickled sardines (both Ventian specailities)
Octopus salad, actually nothing to write home about…
More pickled sardines, i just can’t resist ordering fresh sardines as these are so rare back home!!!
Baked scallops
Simple spaghetti in tomato sauce, absolutely hit the marks!!!
Spaghetti with squid ink sauce, I definitely didn’t mind getting my teeth black for this!!! Every bite tasted of the sea!!!
Seafood spagheti, another simply brilliant dish!

Paradiso S.R.L
We were not planning to come to this restaurant at all but another one which was further from our hotel. However we were late for the booking and by the time we’d passed Paradiso S.R.L we were all pretty dead we decided to try it. By chance it was a pleasant surprise, we had a lovely view of the harbour ands at outside. 

There were just one other table so we didn’t have high expectations. Yet when the foods started to arrived we were in for a treat. I must mention the seafood spaghetti as it was so so good, in facts we even ordered another to take away!!! Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a pic…😓 Another dish that I would recommend is the seafood soup, well it’s more like a seafood stew as you get so much seafoods!!! It is a little out of the way but if you’re ever in the area, this is worth checking out!!!


Yup proscuitto and melon again, portion was a little small!
Seafood soup, this was so scrummy we reordered twice as everyone wanted some!!!
Clams & mussels, my nephews’ favourite!!!
Squid Ink spaghetti, a little disappointing as lacked flavour…
Squids in squid ink sauce, starting to be a bit obsessed with squid ink now…
Tender and perfectly cooked fillet of beef, portion again was not enough for the boys!!!

Caffè Florian 
You read it right, we ended up at Caffè Florian again but this time it’s the 1st and original!!! Yet this experience was completely opposite to our first time. So you might have heard that Venice is expensive, I actually didn’t really felt that…until the moment we sat down in St Mark’s Square in the outdoor tables!!! We were charged €6 per person for music charge as they had an orchestra playing. That, I thought was pretty steep…especially as sitting inside would have meant that we would all have died of heatstroke (I know I’m exaggerating…) then there was the ridiculous prices of the foods and drinks, I mean €13.50 for a frozen coffee…with no alcohol??!! Not to mention the service…I just don’t appreciate being told that “you’re not the only one here” when all I wanted was to ask a simple question!!! They also got our orders wrong a couple of times and the try to charge us for an extra frozen coffee tha we didn’t order. Then not believing me until he checked the glasses on the table 3 times. I hope you’ve realised this means that they never took away any plates or glasses!!! If you’re unsure yet I can confirm that I would not recommend this place as it’s a total tourist trap!!! The foods were ok, good view but soooo NOT worth it!!! 

Only took one pic as was annoyed with the whole experience!


We all thought this was going to be our last Italian meal so I’m afraid we went a little crazy and ended up with far too much food!!!

Nabucco was nicely decorated and seems to be well prepared for large groups. In facts we were sat at the back of the restaurant with another large group. I’m not sure if I would recommend the restaurant as I felt the foods were only so so especially when we have had had some pretty amazing foods. However their portion are very generous so good value for money but do be aware of this so you don’t end up over ordering like we did!


Courgette flowers, I’ve been wanting to eat this all over Italy but the taste have disappointed me and this time was no exception…
The oysters were pretty fresh, Italian eat these a bit differently, with just lemons and nothing else.
Grilled seafood, this was really good.
Beef carpaccico with parmesan
Raw red prawns, sooo fresh!!!
Mussels & clams
Fried prawns with black rice. I found the rice really chewy .
Seafood soup, if you can believe it! Not a lot of liquid and a tad salty!
Pappardelle with truffle, actually pretty tastless I thought!
Seafood risotto, I know the rice should be al dente but really it was just too hard!
Steak Florentine, as you can see the portion was massive but the taste was just nothing like what we had in Florence!

Ristorante Replay

This was another restaurant that our tour guide had recommended. It’s a stone throw away from the back of the Cathedral and you can avoid the tourist traps in the piazza!!!

The decor is a bit old school, the sweet waiters all have bow ties!!! The food really went beyond our expectations and a great last meal in Italy!!! They again offer what I love best about Italian cooking, (sorry to repeat!!!) simple ingredients, well cooked!!!


Spaghetti Carbonara, it has become one of my nephew’s favourite pasta dish!!! Luckily they do it very well here!!!
Spaghetti with spicy tomatoes sauce, so so simple but turned out to be evetyone’s favourite!!!
Seafood spaghetti in another great tomatoes sauce!
Beef fillet with parmesan
Boiled seafood salad, the toasts were not needed!!!

Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern

You must all know that the Swiss are not known for their cuisine except for the fondue of which I’m not a fan!!! Of course also depending where you are in Switzerland the food is hugely influenced by the nearest country!!! In this case it was Germany therefore sausages were on the menu!!! It was undoubtedly very different to our recent culinary experience but no less decent.

The very scenic setting also helps to improve the experience. The service was so friendly and the menu have all languages covered so very tourist friendly. Be sure to try the beer and even if you’re not into it, you have to have the fondue!!!


The restaurant building is also very German and fairytale like!
I just love outdoors eating, not really that possible in London!
Just check out that view
Burner and breads, just need add cheese!
Here comes the cheese!!!
Bring me the biggest sausage on the menu!!!
Steak with mushroom sauce and giat roastie!!!

Finally finished part 2!!! Meet me in part 3!!!


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