Italy & Switzerland – the restaurants edit part 1

I hope you guys enjoyed my last post on my European trip!!! If you have not read it then check it out here! That was the photos edit and here’s the restaurants edit! I hope it would be interesting and useful for you!!!


Il Fellini 

This was my first meal in Rome and it was…ok… I was actually hoping for some really traditional cooking but seems it was more of a modern cooking restaurant with pretty small portion. I just realised I didn’t get a pic of the Cacio e Pepe (a Roman speciality, that’s pasta with pecorino cheese and black pepper). Although it was actually not very good, in facts I had a much better one in an Italian restaurant in London!!! Saying all that, the service was good and there was live music which I always enjoy. Not sure I would actually recommend this restaurant but there are some great reviews on Tripadvisor so I’ll let you make up your own mind!


The setting is very modern
This was a complimentary appertiser, believe it was octopus in a pea puree. This was pretty tasty!
Tuna Carcappcio, not that impressed, not very fresh!
Crayfish salad…ok?
Buffalo wrapped in speck, this we really enjoyed and ordered an extra one!
Grilled mixed seafood, this was fresh and cooked really well!
Carbonara, another Roman speciality, this was creamy and rich if a little salty!
Sliced beef filet, you’ll see a variation of this in pretty much every meal we have as it’s all my nephew ever wants!!!

Eleanora d’Arborea

This was one of my favourite meal in Italy!!! The seafood was soooo fresh and as one of the owners was American so communication was very easy! This is actually a Sardinian restaurant which originally I was a bit amused as why are we not having Roman cuisine??? This place was actually a bit hidden away especially as you can only spot the name on the carpet!!! I highly recommend this place if you, like me is a seafood lover, you would have a great time here! My one regret was that we were not able to sample the Spaghetti with sea urchin as they were out!!! 😞 Maybe next time!!!

The entrance is pretty hidden!
This was some of the freshest seafood we’ve had on this trip!!!
Prosciutto with Melon, we ordered this dish everywhere we went!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Salmon marinated in orange juice, this was probably the one letdown of the meal!
Fried Brown Shrimp, soooo moreish!!!
Pecorino with pear and honey
Mussels in white wine, much much better than Belgo!!!
Spaghetti with red mulket roe, I really liked this but the others were not so sure!
Grilled Monkfish, this was easily in my top 3 dishes of the trip!!! The flesh was firm and meaty!!! Just amazing, definitely the best fish dish!!!
Grilled steak with green pepper sauce, tasty!!! Italians really know how to cook beef!!!!
Grilled beef fillet, the others felt that this was a bit bland and dry but I thought it had really good flavour!

Pizzeria Baffetto II

This is the 2nd branch of this famous pizzeria which appears in most guidebooks! I was not that excited about this meal as shock horror…I’m not a pizza fan at all. I know that might be incomprehensible to most people but I don’t know…it just doesn’t appeal!!! Sadly I have to say my opinion is still unchanged. The pizzas were fine but again so don’t that exciting!!! If you enjoy pizzas (most people do I think haha) then this place is great for budget eating, the pastas are also worth trying as long a you’re not bother about the appearance!


Antipasto Baffetto 2, basically mixed fried starters, not particularly good and very stodgy!
Pizze Fiori di zucca, it might looked burnt at the edge but this is how It’s suppose to be!
Margherita, to know the quailty we had to try the classic!!!
Rigatoni alla Cabonara, can you believe it was better here than Il Fellini!!??
Lasagne, I know it doesn’t look appealing but it was really good!

Before we continue to the next city, here’s just a quick pic of the Forzen coffee we had at the service station. Give it ago if you ever see it on a menu in Italy!!!


It was like soft whipped coffee ice -cream, perfect for a Summer pick-me-up!!!

Caffe Florian

The day we arrive into Florence was my mum’s birthday so we wanted to take her somewhere special. Florian fitted the brief perfectly, the interiors were creative and quirky, service absolutely brilliant (part of our party ran about 20mins late which meant we didn’t start ordering until 10 and were the only table left), the dishes presented exquisitely and the recipes innovative!!! Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the menu and can’t wholely remember what everything was but will try my best in the caption below. A few of us tried the tasting menu which offer great value for money. Do not be fooled by the size of the dishes. We were all holding our stomachs by the end of the evening!!! There’s 2 sections to the restaurant, one is the caffe where they serve beautiful cakes and the fine dinning area where we dined. I highly recommend this place if you’re in Florence for a special occasion!!! 

Just a note, you’ll see that there’s a lot more pics here than the other restaurants. The reason being that in other restaurants we would generally order dishes to share and as there were so many of you we would order 2 or 3 of each dish. In the case here we each ordered the enormous 5 courses that the Italians are used to!!!

An elegant entrance in a side street.
I love all the artworks they have in the restaurant!
Haha, this is not a good start…I’m sure this is smoked salmon but that’s all I’ve got!!! Oops!!!
Scallop with pea puree I believe…πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Fresh sardines…loved!!!
Cold zucchini soup, very refreshing!
Sorry…no idea!!!
Just gonna give up unless I know!
Squid Ink pasta, set in a crescent!
Pan fried Sea Bass!!!
Pork fillet
Artfully arranged dessert, peach 3 ways!
A beautiful birthday cake we ordered from the caffe. Honestly I was not that into it but everyone else thought it was good!

Trattoria 13 Gobbi

This restaurant was recommended by my Florence friend and I loved it. In facts this was my favourite meal in Italy. It did help that only a few of us went to dinner instead of the whole gang!!! This place gets very busy so be sure to book ahead! The service is fast and well, quite friendly after a while…and I loved the buzzy atmosphere. Here it’s all about the food, no fancy presentation but the foods really speak for themselves!!!


Another amazing restaurant found in the side streets of Florence!!!
I loved the decor too!!!
Yup proscuitto and melone.
Avocado and prawn salad, good to cut through the rich food!
Pappa al pomodoro – a traditional Florentine tomato soup made with bread. I have to say it’s not my favourite, not a fan of the texture and it’s a little tart…sorry!
Pappardelle with mushroom, definitely some of the best pasta we’ve ever had!
Bistecca alla fiorentina, steak for 2, this was no doubt the best dish we have had in Italy!!! The steak was cooked and seasoned perfectly!!! The flvour was brilliant and soooo tender!!!! We’ve put the glass nest to the plate to show how massive the steak was, in facts we shared it between like 5 of us!!!

Even the sides were great, roasted potatoes and fried spinach
Rigatone di 13 gobbi, with bufala and tomatoes, one of their signature dish. The Italian table next to us all had one of these so of course we had to order it!!! You too need to order it!!!
This is a dish that we ordered extra, i was worried that it would be dry but was actually ok.


La Cantina di Tipì

This was a small place recommended by our tour guide. It was such a cute place and the owners were so friendly. They explained to us about their ethos. They are more like a supper club than a restaurant and since there’s only the 2 of them don’t expect the service to be quick. Just sit down and relax!!! I believe the menu changed seasonally but everything is very much in the style of home cooking and I enjoyed it very much!!! 


The entrance is situated on a main street but off the tourist trek, approx 10mins walk from the tower.
They also double up as a wine shop , unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try any!
The interior is very simple and homely.
An espresso to perk my mum up!!!
Antipasti Toscano
Melanzane alla parmigiana – Aubergines baked with tomatoes and cheese. Juse delicious!
Lasagne al forno with ham, a slightly lightly version but no less rich and tasty!
Ribollita – a Tusan speciality, a hearty soup made from beans, vegetables and beans. This was actually a big favourite of the group which I was surprised!
Ravioli di tartufo, this was of course good but actually I preferthe next one!
Ravioli with pesto and pine nuts, sooooo good
Pizza with prosciutto and mozzarella, best pizza I’ve had in Italy!

Right that’s it for now but do come back to see what other restaurants we went to in part 2!!!😊


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