London Afternoon Tea @ The Biscuiteers Boutique & Icing Cafe

There’s one thing you should know about me….I LOVE afternoon teas!!! This passion was introduced to me by my sister-in-law and since then I’ve exampled all sort of afternoon tea across the world!! From The Ritz London to the traditional affairs in Harrogate!!! Therefore for my birthday my bestie bought me a voucher for The Biscuiteers’ London Afternoon Tea for 2. Of course she was the person I would take as she’s also an afternoon tea aficionado!!!

If you’re not familiar with The Biscuiteers, they are a London based confectionary. They specialise in iced biscuits in pretty much any designs you can imagine!!! We first came across them a couple of years ago for Bessie’s 30th!!! Since then I’ve acquired their book, icing kits, numerous biscuits and now the afternoon tea!

There are 2 icing cafes, one in Notting Hill and one in Battersea. We decided on the Notting Hill branch as it was the easiest to get to for us. If you’re interested they also offer biscuits icing classes.

The cafe was tiny but so cute with 3 tables upstairs with the boutique, communal tables and the icing kitchen downstairs. The afternoon was already prepaid so all we had to do was order our drinks. We had just finished an hour’s run and 20mins of walking so all we wanted was a cold drink instead of having tea! Hahaha!!!

We were absolutely starving so couldn’t wait to get our hands on the food…however I have to say we were a little bit disappointed…. We were presented with one pretty small 2 tiers stand and a plate with 2 of the smallest scones I’ve ever seen in my life!!! It wasn’t that I had particular high expectations but since the last afternoon tea we had was at The Milestone Hotel (check out the post here) where we were showered with array of sandwiches, cakes and scones. This in comparison to what just landed on our table, well……oh and did I mention we were starving??? 😒😒😒

Despite our dismay there was obviously enough food and we actually took some biscuits home as well! However I still stand by my earlier opinion if only for the facts that there should have been more sandwiches! 4 tiny rectangular sandwiches of cucumber/smoked salmon does not an afternoon tea made!!! At least give us another option? I hear egg and cress is very popular! 😑

Aside from that the other components were delicious especially the macaroons which had great textures and flavours. The fudge brownie was amazing but would not recommend for you to consume the whole thing in one go. I suggest nibbles unless you want it to sit in your stomach for the next 5hrs as it did me! The biscuits were beautifully decorated and of course represented the London theme. Honorary mention goes to the tinny tidy scones, there were actually a good size as in general by the time you hit the scones you would have ran out of appetite. They were pretty decent lavishingly drenched in clotted cream and jam by my fair hands!!! Another point to note, drinks seems to be unlimited (within reasons?!) as we had ordered 2 drinks each and did not have to pay extra!

All in all it was a good experience and the quality of the food was good. They just needed a little more savoury as I really wanted a packet of crisps after! The service I have to say is also a little hit and miss so room for improvement there. I would recommend you a visit here especially if you were after something lighter, there do also serve pastries and cookies here. The boutique was my favourite as it was like a curiosity box full off things to discover so even if you didn’t fancy eating you can come browsing!!! 

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The beautiful boutique
I wanted to buy everything!!!
Loved the wallpaper!
Small but filling!
Where are the scones??
The postbox was my favourite biscuit!
The brownie was also topped with an Union Jack biscuit!
Can you believe this is all biscuits???!!!
This as well!!!
They can even decorate chocolates!!!


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