A sweet little something for my 1st BBQ in like years – Chocolate and Peanut Butter macarons!!!

A few weeks ago I went to a macarons making course at Ganache Macaron after seeing a great deal on Groupon. I was so impressed with the bakers there, they were really helpful and gave some brilliant tips!!! I’ve made macarons many times before and have to say only succeeded 2 times out of 10!!! I’ve tried so many different recipes before using Italian meringue and French meringue but none of them ever worked twice!!! Therefore when I turned out the perfect macarons in that class I was amazed especially as their recipe is soooo easy using the French meringue!!! This means no cooking sugar and checking temperature!!! 

Here are some pics of the strawberries macarons I made. I had great responses from my colleagues and as a few are French I have confidence in their opinion!!!! 


This is Ganache Macron front door, they are only a few doors down from London Fields station so very easy to get to!
This is the macarons dress that they had made!!!
My batch of macaron halves!!! So pretty!!!
My finished macarons!!! Matching filling to the shells!!!

This Sunday my friend is having a BBQ and I’ve promised to bring dessert so I figured I would try to recreate the macarons at home to see how foolproof it is! I’ve decided to make chocolate macarons with peanut butter filling. I mean you know that flavour combo works so why mess with it!!!! 

Now I’m not gonna share the recipe with you, for that you’ll have to go do a class with Ganache Macraon!!! However I do want to share some tips with you that should help with any receipe you use!

  1. Make sure your egg white has been rested for 3 days!!! You just need to put it into the fridge and cover with a piece of pierced cling film.
  2. Make sure you’re egg white is properly whisked and check it along the way. You want the tip not to curl back on itself. Here’s the examples 
    This is not really yet as you can see that the tip is curling back towards the whisk

    This is now really as you can see its a very stiff peak and not going anywhere

  4. You’ll know when your mixture is ready when it falls off the mixture continuously like the below pic

    If the flow breaks then the mixture is not ready!

So I hope these tips will help you out next time you attempt to make macarons. I think once you’ve mastered the basic then these become very easy. Well my batch is in the oven right now so let’s see…. 

Right my batch is out, I’m a little disappointed as they’re bit dry and also because my piping wasn’t very good so there’s now a peak…. At least they are edible!!! You do not want to know how many batches I’ve made in the past that needed to be thrown away!!!! Well the proof is in the eating, I’ll update you guys what my friends think after the BBQ!!! 

Thanks for reading and if you have any other tips then please share!!!

All piped and waiting for the skin to form

Baked!!! You can see that there are a little dry! Need to experiment with my oven temp!
Peanut butter filling all ready!

They kinda look like burgers!!! Lol!!!


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