A trip of many steps and music – Prague part 2

Ok let’s continue with our Prague trip, if you haven’t already then please go check out part 1.

Day 3

Today we had planned to head out of Prague to Kutná Hora. So we had to be early and we wanted to make sure we try out the hotel buffet especially as we realised that this city is not as cheap as we expected!!! We really needn’t had bother as it wasn’t a very exciting spread at all!!! 

To tell you a little bit about Kutná Hora, this is a little town approx 1hr train ride away from Prague. The most famous sight in this town is the bone chapel Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice v Sedlci) displaying the skeletons of approx 60,000 people.

Most people use the train as it’s a quick journey and at £3 each way it’s a bargain. Although it can seems complicated as there’s actually 4 different stations with the name Kutná Hora!!! There’s Kutná Hora předměstí, Kutná Hora – Hlavní Nádraží, Kutná Hora-Sedlec and Kutná Hora město!!! When I was researching I got very confused and even more so when we were travelling!!! At least the silver lining is that I can tell you all about it now to help you!!!

The 1st thing you need is check the train timetables for each way of your journey because the trains are not that frequent. Approx 1 per hour, The Trainline Europe is very good for that, just make sure you choose the correct stations!

The train leaves from Prague main station (Praha Hlavní Nádraží (Hl.N)) so choose that as your starting station. Then it depends how you want to plan your day. If you’re going to the bone church first then you can either go to Kutná Hora – Hlavní Nádraží (14mins walk) or Kutná Hora-Sedlec (3mins walk, 1st stop on the local train) do bear in mind that if you want to go for the shortest walking route you would still need to change at Kutná Hora – Hlavní Nádraží as you can only get direct trains here but not the other stations. If you want to get the direct train (to Kutná Hora – Hlavní Nádraží ) there’s only one every 2 hours whilst if you’re willing to take the connecting trains (change at Kolin) then you’ll have more options.

If you want to go to the town centre first t, you need to get the train to Kutná Hora město (2nd stop on the local train) which is a 10mins walk to the other main attractions. Again you do need to change at Kutná Hora – Hlavní Nádraží. Well I hope this helps you to clarify things a little…

For our part we decided to go to the bone church first so we got the train to Kutná Hora-Sedlec. Oh I must talk about our run around in Prague station too. We were running a little late and no clue where we were going!!! The ticket counters are in the basement and the platform is on the ground floor. My advice would be to get yourself to the station at least 30mins before the train leaves. There’s plenty of shops in the station so if you have spare time you can still entertain yourself! Lastly if there’s more than 1 of you travelling then make sure you buy your tickets together as you get a discount!

We were really lucky to still make the train!!! Once we have arrived we headed straight to the bone church which was a mistake as there was another church which was closer to the station – Cathedral of Our Lady which is well worth a visit!!! So we ended up having to walk back after. There are combination tickets available and you might not have planned to go to all of the sights but I would recommend it as you get to see the historical buildings as well as some great modern art.

I won’t go into too much details for all the sights as it would make the post too long!!! I’ve included some pics to whet your interests!!! Let’s talk about lunch, we went for Pivnice Dacicky as it was the top restaurant on Tripadvisor and we were not disappointed. We walked into the restaurant thinking they were not opened as no one was in the dining room. They asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside. Of course we chose outside as the day was still beautiful. Then we noticed that there’s where all the customers were. They were all seated round big benches in the back garden!!! The food was good, service was friendly and price was even cheaper than Prague. Not to mention I was able to finish most of my food lol!!! Lastly there’s free wifi!!!

We walked around some more after lunch before catching the train back to Prague. As we were hoping to walk around the town centre at night we went back to the hotel to chill and have some drinks. Once the sun went down we headed out to Charles Bridge to get a few pics. I have to say the walk was horrendous as we decided to walk by the bankside and my god it was crazy busy. So full of tourists and kinda a nightmare but it was worth it as the bridge was really stunning at night.

You can buy this combination ticket in any of the four sights. You just need to show the ticket and rhen they stamp it for you.
The amazing bone church!!!
The Cathedral of Our Lady, a rare romantic style church. So elegant!
The art pieces in GASK, Jesuit College
St Barbara Cathedral, was so sunny outside we sunbath there for a while and listened to some guitar music before going into the cathedral.
inside of the cathedral
Dacicky – we ordered the local brew, beef baked in cream and country style shoulder of pork
These ciders were pretty good and only cost 70p per bottle!!!
Dancing house
You can still hire boats at 11pm at night! So cool!
Charles Bridge and Prague castle at night, such an amazing view

Look at the amount of people around!!!

Day 4

Today was our last day in Prague and our flight was not until 11pm so we had plenty of time. Our 1st port of call was the Museum of Communism, which is hidden from the main street in the same building as a casino! Basically follow the signs to the casino then the museum is on the other side of the staircase. The museum is small but packed full of info and definitely worth a visit. Currently they have a very small display on North Korea and it’s heart breaking.

Then we were off to book an underground tour. There were different themed ones you can go on but considering our timing we went for this one. The starting point and the office was in a little passage just off the old town square so every easy to find. I have to say I was not hugely impressed…the price was approx £12 and you got to visit just 3 basements of which 2 were opened to public anyway!!! To be fair the guide was good and had a lot of knowledge, she also gave us some tips about other places to visit which we took! However of the 1hr tour we’d spent half that time walking rather than being underground!!! 

After the tour we were absolutely knackered so basically found the nearest restaurant – Katr and headed in! The restaurant was actually really fun as they offered tabletop grills much like Korean BBQ! We didn’t go for that option as prices were quite high and we felt it was a bit heavy for lunch! The food was decent and this time I finished all my food (probably because there weren’t any bread dumplings in sight!!!), the BF didn’t do so well though as he had 2 pieces of gigantic veal schnitzels and some delicious mustard mash!!!

Unlucky for us, as soon as we finished lunch it started to rain really heavily. We originally wanted to go for a tour at the National Library after the guide recommendated it but seeing the awful weather we ran for the nearest church – St Nicholas Church (Kostele sv. Mikuláše). Which was free to get in and worth a quick visit with the beautiful chandelier, they also hold concerts here.

The rain stopped and the sun came out, yay!!! We headed towards the National Library of the Czech Republic, where you can take a guided tour for approx £7 to see the Mirror Chapel, Baroque Library Hall, Meridian Hall and Astronomical Tower. I really enjoyed this tour and we learned a lot about each of the rooms we visited. You can take pictures everywhere except the library hall which is a shame as its one of the most awe inspiring library I’ve been to!!! The Astronomical tower was a great finale to the tour as it offered us that spectacular Prague skyline and this time in perfect sunshine!!!

Next stop for us was Josefov – the Jewish Quarter. It wa a small area right near the Old Town and formerly the Jewish Ghetto. It is a really relaxing area with some incredible buildings, we didn’t go anywhere in particular, just wandered around to absorb the atmosphere.

Our last stop on this trip was Letenské sady a park right across the river from the Jewish quarter. As we walked towards the park our hearts sunk as the park is actually on a hill and wow there was lots of steps to climb especially as we were already dead from all the walking we have done!!! However we were determined to make it, even if we took a rest halfway! Lol! 

The view at the top was definitely worth every steps. There’s a skate park at the top as well as an outdoor ballroom where couples were dancing the Lindy Hop!!! I could sit here for hours and hours watching them and enjoying the sunshine. Alas it was time to leave so we headed back to the hotel then onto the Airport Express bus and airport.

A little tip on the airport, if you’re flying out late then I would suggest grabbing a bite before you go through to departure as there’s not so much to eat inside. There’s also a supermarket in terminal 2 to grab those last minute snacks or souvenirs! Again the airport is pretty small so once you’re through departure there’s not a lot there so no need to hurry in!!! Unlike what we did and until now my BF is still bugging me about denying him that Mac D!!! Lol!!!


Prague Folklore Days parade
Museum of Communism
Undergrounds of Prague
Part of the tour takes us to this underground exhibition and there are some cool sculptures!!!
Lunch: we had pickled sausadges, wild boar stew and veal schnitzel!
Beautiful chandelier inside St Nicholas Church
Mirror Chapel
This view just keep taking my breath away!!!
Inside of the Astronomical tower
Josefov – the Jewish quarter
View from Letenské sady

Outdoors Lindy Hop ballroom!!!
The Old Town square is full of musicians

In summary I would totally recommend Prague, it is a romantic city that’s full of character. My favourite thing has to be the facts that it so full of music everywhere and despite the tourists there’s still a chilled out atmosphere. Especially if you can find a quiet corner in the city by yourself, find a bench, patch of grass or just a step and just take in all in! It’s what travelling is all about!!!


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