Carsten Höller: Decision – Slide, slide and slide!!!

I first read about Carsten Höller: Carsten Höller: DecisionDecision on one of my fav travel blog Handluggage Only. There wasn’t much info on the show but mentioned the exhibition that he had put on at Tate Modern with slides. Wait did you say slide? Yeah I’m all over that!!! So I hotfooted over to the Hayward Gallery website and bought my tickets. This was about 2 months ago and since there’s been lots of media coverage and most excitingly the last time I was in Southbank I saw the spirally slides outside the gallery!!! 

Before the exhibition we decided to grab a bit to eat in the area. There’s been a newish restaurant The Greenroom that I’ve been wanting to try (yes I basically have a constant list of restaurants that I want to try!!!) I actually didn’t have high expectations considering the location… For the BF he just wanted to have hot dogs but actually once we sat down this was not even in the menu (we did see it online though) 

I really loved the vibe of the restaurant, it was very open plan and very green with a pretty front garden. Surprisingly as well the food was pretty good. 2 of us had the Baby back pork ribs and the other had the burger. The rib was really good, just melted off the bones and you get a very healthy portion. This came with a side of corn on the cob but this was disappointing, it was not sweet nor juicy and no butter!!! The burger looked good but nothing special. The star of the show was actually the side order of chips!!! Crispy and fluffy chips that’s seasoned to the T!!! As it was a light lunch and we needed to head off to the show so we forewent the desserts. One thing I would hope they can improve on is the service, there seems to be lots of people walking around but when we needed service it was hard to get their attention!!! Still I’m glad that we’ve now tried the place so next time we have another sit down place in the area to go other than Canteen!!! Although I do still prefer going to the food market down the road. Especially if the weather is nice which it wasn’t! 

We then headed off to pick up our tickets from the box office then to queue up. The slides are the exit of the show and if you wanted to have a go then you’ll need to drop off your loose belongings in the lockers provided. You can pick up your stuffs after you’ve landed! As my past posts on exhibitions I’m not going to share too much info as I don’t want to spoil it. My overall impression was that it was a very fun day out and it really messes with your heads!!! The best part for me was the beginning and the end!!! There were 2 flying machines but the wait for over an hour so we had to give up on that. Which I’m still really not happy about!!! This of course would be my complaint, the fact that most of the activities included long long queues!!! I know that they already warned you beforehand but still annoying!!! Despite all that I would still recommend you check this out and unlike me stay for the flying machine!!!!


Short menu but cover all the basics.
These were so cute!
I didn’t actually ordered the chips, the BF did but I pretty much ate half. Lol
Simple good burger
The landing
The entrance to the exhibition and there’s A or B for you to decide.
I believe I can fly…if I could have got on the flying machine!!!


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