Birthday celebration with some fried chicken and drinks

Another birthday celebration, another new place to try! This time is my closest friend from uni who loves meat!!! Originally we wanted to go to Old Blue Last’s Red’s True BBQ pop up but unfortunately it’s only on Thurs thru Sat and we had planned to go out on a Tues. We also thought to go to Red Dog Saloon. But as we walked from the bus stop we walked past Bird, I’ve walked pass this place sooo many times on my way to the Vietnamese strip that’s Kingsland Rd. I’ve always wanted to check it out but there was always something more tempting round the corner!!!

Finally I got to try this place out as the birthday girl dismissed the Red Dog’s Saloon! I had already decided what to order as I had already looked at the menu many times before – the Chicken & Waffle Burger. When I was in New York one of my favourite dish I had was Chicken & Waffle at Sylvia’s. So I had high hopes for my dish. My friend went for the classic Fried Chicken Pieces and the great thing here is that you can choose white meat, dark meat or mixed!!! She went for the mixed for the best of both world! We also got some sides to share, as you might have gathered by now we ordered too many hahaha. Yet I think we still did pretty well in finishing most of the food!!! 

I was so excited when my burger arrived!!! Although I was also a little concerned about how I was gonna eat it!!! I actually have a pretty big mouth (in every sense of the word!) but I definitely struggled!!! So let’s talk about the good thing first, the chicken was amazing!!! The coating was sooo crunchy you can can hear the snap when you chew! Perfectly seasoned and moist, all in all fantastic fried chicken!!! The waffles on the other hand was….not so great… I was hoping for crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. What I got was a little doughy thing that didn’t really taste of much even though it was suppose to be favoured with cheddar and onion….  Oh well with chicken that taste that good I can forgive it! I really wanted to give dessert a go especially as I keep seeing people buying donuts!!! Except as I mentioned before we were just far too full!!! Oh as a departing points, the waiters in here are cute!!!! 😝

Although we still found room for drinks!!! As we sat by the bar facing the garden of Rolling Stock and it was a lovely day so with a skip and a hop we landed in the bar. We were actually in the back garden so had to go through the bar to get our drinks then settled our side in the nearest bench. The garden is very cool with some amazing graffiti art. Definite a nice little place to chill and a nice end to our lovely evening!!! 


Cool relaxed atmosphere with some cool poultry inspired art.
All the condiment that you’ll need for that perfect chicken bite!!!
Just look at the size of this!!!
Great sides!!! Padron peppers, Jalapeno corn pudding and house slaw!!!
This corn pudding was so creamy and moorish!!!
This slaw is very refreshing.
Cute little beer garden!
I love this piece, especially the hair!!! I kept staring at it all evening!!! It really felt likr she had a story to tell…
The place was surrounded with great graffiti and just a great place to chill.


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