Foxlow – A promising beginning, solid middle followed by a bad ending….

We were all really excited to try Foxlow, although it might be the facts that we’d finally find a restaurant we could agreed rather than anything else!!! Truth be told I’ve not even heard the place before until my friend recommended it and mentioned that it was opened by the team behind Hawksmoor. Now unlike most people I don’t love Hawksmoor…I’ll tried a couple of their restaurants & bars but yet the experiences were always hit & miss. Unfortunately this also held true for Foxlow….

As my title suggested, I was actually pretty impressed at the start with our cocktails and snacks bar the tiny carton of cold brew coffee @ £3!!! We didn’t ordered starter as a few hours ago we had an afternoon tea of epic proportions (you can read about that here) Mains were good, most of us ordered the 10hrs beef short ribs with kimchi which was fall of the bone tender but slightly underseasomed! Not to mention I didn’t realised that the menu was so literal!!! There really was no side dishes at all!!! Yes yes we had an epic afternoon tea but by then I was ready to indulge again!!! The sides were not that interesting but we did ordered a few but eating the rib did become monotonous as it was massive!!! All in all the dishes were still above average in terms of the quality.

Now desserts are always my favourite so despite everyone else passing up on something sweet I was still going to go at it alone. Then everyone changed their plan and ordered a sundae to share. I was still the greedy one to have one whole dessert by myself. Lol!!! 

When it comes to ordering I tend to go for the most unusual sounding. That’s how I came to order the Elvis Presley Sandwich with candied bacon. It was basically soft serve ice-cream, banana compote and peanut butter sandwiched between 2 pieces of deep fried brioche breads, all topped with salted caramel sauce and candied bacons. Sounds amazing right? Well I thought so too…until I dug in… It was pretty much a complete disaster!!! The brioche was far too crispy and might have broke a tooth!!! The banana compote and peanut butter was just what it say on the tin. The soft serve was not smooth but a bit icy. The whole thing together should have worked but just didn’t!!!

I was pretty upset about that but really with a lot of restaurants I’ve been to the desserts seem to always get a bit forgotten and hence not up to standard!!! Oh well….better to make my own!!!

The deco is a modern pub that’s stylish but not prentitous.
1st time we’ve tried cold brew coffee but not really toour taste…
Clissold Cooler: Gin, Apple, Rosé Wine, Cassis
Anchovy & Goat’s Butter Crisps , this was such a great apertiser to the meal ans was delicious!
10hrs Beef Short Ribs, that’s a lot of meat!!!
Skin-on Fries with Chicken Salt, these were pretty amazing!
Mac ‘n’ Cheese, decent enough
Steak with onions cooked with bone marrow. The steak was cooked very well and the onions were soft and sweet!
Brixham Hake with Romesco, my friend liked this but I didn’t try.
Elvis’ sandwich, not impressed!
Chocolate & Popcorn , again the ice cream was not very good!


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