Afternoon tea @ The Milestone Hotel – Old World Glamour

We were planning to have afternoon tea to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We left it a bit late and with our gluten free friend in toll the choices were not huge. We settled on the Milestone Hotel and actually it was a pleasant surprise!!!

This 5 stars Grade II listed hotel is right opposite Hyde Park and 10mins walk from High St Kensington station. The exterior and interior is very grand and proper. For some this can feel old fashion but I think it’s old school charm!!! There’s a heavy equestrian theme throughout the hotel. We were early and was pointed towards the bar area which was adorned with helmets, saddles, horse paintings etc… There’s also a conservatory that looked very pretty.

Once our table was ready we were ushered into the beautiful front room. Our table had very comfy sofas for lounging which came in very useful after we waved the white flags!!!

I have to as soon as I sat down I was disappointed as I had originally set my heart on having “A Gentlemanly Afternoon Tea”. They were offering mini Beef Wellington’s, Wild Boar Scotch Eggs, mini Toad-in-the-hole, rustic sandwiches and maple cured bacon scones with truffle butter!!! There was no competition!!! However they failed to mention on the online menu that you needed to book 24hrs ahead!!! Well I was not in a good mood!!! We settled for the “Traditional Afternoon Tea” which was actually very good but I’ll definitely be returning for my 1st choice at some point!!!

One of the thing I was really impressed about was the choice of tea. There was an extensive selection and most of us went for the Elderflower and Blossom Darjeeling which was fragrant, refreshing and sweet. 

The sandwiches were pretty standard fare but made with quality ingredients. The smoked salmon had the meaty texture and not too salty. The chicken sandwich came with a crunchy almond crust but would have done with a bit more seasoning.

The sweets were colourful and tempting. My particular favourites were the carrot cake with  pistachio cream and the lemon merguine eclaires. I have to say by this stage we were all a bit beaten!!! That’s always the problem with afternoon tea, you could never finish!!! Before we continue let’s talk a little about the gluten free options. For the sandwiches these were basically the same as ours except that the bread is gluten free. These actually looked soft and moist and our friend even had seconds!!! Sweet wise again these were similar but with gluten free pastry and cupcake. She did have an added extra of raspberry marshmallow!!!

We were then presented with our scones with not a very generous helping of clotted cream so we had to ask for more. The texture were good but not the best I’ve had, also the jam was far far too sweet! The gluten free option on the other hand was far too crumbly and not enjoyable at all….

All it all it was a great experience and made the more special but the skilled service from our waiter. We were completely defected by the afternoon tea as expected. They offered seconds on everything which we were not able to accept but we did each take a dodgy bag away!!! My only complaints would be that the time slots were only for 2hrs so we were politely asked to vacate our table. To be fair we had finished a while ago and was just lounging around but those sofa were so damned comfy!!! Another was the fact that there was only one toilet available???!!!!

Lol just realised I didn’t take any pics of the scones, but one of my friend did!

Cool bar
Old and grand
Now, tell me you couldn’t want to slump into this sofa!
Love the colours!!!!
My fav!!!
This macaroon is far too pretty to eat….nah!!!


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