Alice’s Adventures Underground

As part of my best friend’s Christmas present I bought her tickets to Alice’s Adventures Underground, an immersive theatre experience from Les Enfants Terribles. We’ve always loved these kind of theatres and have been to many in the past. So when I saw this advertised in Stylist, I knew we had to go!!!

We had high expectations especially as this is set in The Vaults in Waterloo, an amazing venue hidden next to Waterloo station. Now I have to tell you if you don’t know how then this place is a pain to find, we thought we had it figured out because we have been here before and thought no way we’d get lost again!!! We did!!! In fact we nearly missed the show!!! So to help you to avoid this, here’s some tips. Ignore what they say on the website!!! What you need to do is go down Lower Marsh, then turn into Lancelot St when you see Greggs and there should also be a sign for the show (which we missed…)

I won’t share too much details as I don’t want to spoil it for you. The only thing I’ll share is what they already tell you on the site. Basically at the beginning of the show you’ll be asked to choose Drink Me or Eat Me. This will determine the adventures for the evening. My advice is just go with whichever they tell you and just enjoy the silliness!!! There’s a lot of interaction so if you’re not into that then don’t come!

It was a fun evening and they have utilised the space brilliantly but as I mentioned earlier I have been to a number of similar shows and honestly I was a little disappointed…First of all I thought the show was far too short especially for the price (approx £50!!!) Secondly you don’t get to see everything because this depends on your choice at the beginning. I mean you will get to see the major scenes but if you’re like me you’ll feel like you’ve missed out…

My opinion might be biased as I couldn’t help but compare this to my favourite show The Drowned Man by my favourite theatre group Punchdrunk. In fact I loved it so much that I went to see it twice!!! Their shows are very different in that you feel like you’re viewing the scenes without being seen rather than a part of the play, I guess it just depends on your preferences.another differences is you’re free to wonder around their amazing sets and go exploring any where you like while the actors repeat each scene twice at different times. Again it is hard to catch everything as there’s so much to see even though you have 3 hrs. Which means you can see the show many times and yet have a different experiences!!! Anyway I could go on but I won’t bore you. But I urge you to buy a ticket to their next show if you can because you wouldn’t regret it!!!!


You get a cool clock stamp
These paper roses are amazing!!!
That head is kinda creepy!!!
At the end of the show, we were taken to the bar for the after party
There were even aerial artists around to perform!!!

When you come out of the show you’ll be in this amazing tunnel. There are so many different graffiti on display and in fact earlier in the evening there were loads of street artists at work!

Pretty much the whole tunnel was filled!!!


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