Mele e Pere – Great company but disappointing food…

My friend and I had been meaning to catch up for ages!!! We work in the same company yet hsv not had a proper catch up for like 5 years!!! Lol!!! So we finally managed to set a date and leave the office arms in arms!!!

We had originally wanted to try out Bao but bad idea!!! Timeout had just done a review and the queue was massive!!! Some people were actually holding a copy in the queue!!! We hung round but soon it was obvious that the only reason we moved up was because others in front of us gave up!!! So after20mins we also decided to venture elsewhere!!!

Had to take a pic to show howcrazy we’re all are now!!!

There were a few options around us and after much debate we decided to go to Mele e Pere, where we had both wanted to try! Unfortunately we were both sorely disappointed. My friend did argued that maybe we had ordered the wrong dishes…Yet she said she couldn’t come back again to try the other dishes!!! Lol!!! Personally I wasn’t even that tempted with the menu. 
It wasn’t that the food was that bad but think we just expected better. We had ordered 3 dishes to share for starters as suggested by the menu, then ordered one main to share as we were both not that hungry. For dessert however we went a bit crazy which I blame my friend!! I had suggested we shared 3 scoops of ice cream which she agreed to but then chickened out when I wanted to try Gorgonzola & walnuts ice cream and ordered her own choice!!! Which meant neither of us finished!!!

I’m not necessarily warning you off this restaurant but maybe just consider the menu carefully if you do come… The desserts were pretty good and I was pleasantly surprised by the cheesy ice cream even if my friend wouldn’t try it! Meanwhile we did like the decor and atmosphere of the place… If you are after an Italian restaurant near Piccadilly Circus then I would recommend San Carlo Cichetti. The prices are a bit high but well worth the money and especially for a special occasion.

Side note, unfortunately my photos were a bit dark as I had accidentally shook my phone therefore changing my Hipstamatic setting!!!


A very recognisable entrance!!
Mele e Pere meaning apples and pears which is why the side wall is decoratd with glass apples and pears

Love those tiles!!!
Cool decor
These were very average meatballs that were a little dry…
Creamy Goat’s cheese, white truffle oil and roast beetroot. I did enjoy this dish but the flavour combo was a bit off…
Veal tripe alla romana, not for the faint hearted!!! Ok for me in terms of texture but did think it was too rich!
Grilled stuffed squid, again this is not bad but just missed the mark slightly…
Lemon custard, lychee sorbet and homemade marshmallow. Actually a good dessert but a tad too sweet and consider the size did below sickly!
Gorgonzola and walnut ice-cream, not too sweet and you can definitely taste the cheese but not overpowering! I would recommend giving this a try if you’re adventurous!!!
I also ordered a chaser ice-cream of Peanut Butter iand Mango. Both were good but i just couldn’t finish!!!


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