Pattaya part 3 – last day in town & a night in Bangkok!!!

Warning: This post is gonna be long!!!

After our fun filled 3 days it was time to go to Bangkok for a night before we go home. Except the plan didn’t quite worked out like that…

In the morning the kids wanted to go to the pool one last time but with my burnt back I was not so interested!!! So we left them in the pools and headed of the beach to have some bbq prawns as I’d missed out on the 1st day!!! also to enjoy the view before we head off.

Looks inviting but my back was killing me!!!

I did dip my feel in the sea a bit but the water was not as tempting as the ones in Europe!
Smokey prawns with sweet chilli sauce, um would really like some now!!!


After we’ve backed up and got the kids ready it was lunch time. We decided that we could go for the lunch and to take the kids to Ripley’s Believe it or Not!!! at the Royal Garden Plaza. We had lunch at the food court where they give you a card each and you present this when you order the food then the use that to calculate your bill at the end. It seems that love this idea in Pattaya! I have to say I was not that impressed with the actual food (didn’t even take any photos!) not to mention the service was slow and a bit rude…The saving grace of this place was the outside terrace when you get a great view of the sea!

Then we went for to the fun zone, in fact on the whole floor there’s lots to do for the kids. Ripley’s alone have 7 different different attractions!!! You can buy combo tickets and the more you choose the cheaper each becomes. if you go for all 7 then it would cost only about £4 for each! We decided on just, Scream in the Dark,  Infinity Maze & Ripley’s Museum. Each was fun but my fav had to be the maze, where you walk through mirror rooms with funky lights to find your way out!!!

Part of the Ripley’s exhibition that sticks out of the building, definitely a talking point!


Views from the foodcourt terrace
Dubious MJ wax model….
Entrance to the maze
Inside the maze, check out our funky white gloves & shoe covers!!!
Another room in the maze


Once again the kids were all tired out and we were really for our long journey to Bankgok. So we all strapped down for a snooze…

Just couldn’t resist sharing this pic with you!!! Let’s play how many people you can fill in a tuk tuk!!!

Approx 3 hrs later (bad traffic) we arrived at our beautiful hotel Siam Kempinski. This is a completely different style to our previous hotel! This place is modern, elegant and glam!!! The facilities were great, the best thing is you get free fruits and everything in the minibar are also free, in every room!!!

The lobby is so elegant!!!


Very tastfully rooms!


We were planning to head to a night market so aimed for a light dinner…did not work out!!! Another great thing about the hotel is it’s close proximity to Siam Paragon, it’s literally just across the road!!! This is such an amazing shopping mall, we only went to the food floor but boy was there millions of choices!!! Soooo many options and all so brightly coloured!!! If I was there on my own then I would have no ideas what to go for!!!! Luckily we already had a place in mind and actually the specialty here is durian cake. I know it’s often hard for Westerners to understand but durians are actually delicious and velvety in texture. If you can get past the smell then give it a try!!!


There are a few very cute brands in Thailand!!!
Indoors fountains…
Nothing say classy like a piano in the shopping mall!!!
These chocolate rabbits are so cute!
Coconut sweet dumplings in pastel colours!
Not sure what this is but looks tasty!


Burrito cafe!!!

Very pretty cafe!!!
Som Tam: Green papaya salad, goid spicy!!!
Flavourful Tom Yum souo but slightly salty…
Pad Thai woth juicy prawns!
The famous durian cake, so light and creamy!!!

After dinner we headed to out last spot of the evening – Asiatique, this is a great entertainment park by the riverfront. This is another one of those one stop shop where you get everything, there’s food, shopping, spa, cinemas and even a Ferris wheel!!! Unfortunately we got there a little bit late, 10:30ish and a lot of the places were already starting to close! We stayed until after midnight and did managed to get some nice clothes. Remember to bargain for your shopping!!!


It’s defo a nice area for shopping, the only thing as you’re outdoors it does get pretty humid!
Cool tuk tuk made out of beer cans!!!

The next day I had to leave on my own on an early flight to fly back to Macau then fly back to London on the same day. My sis, mum and eldest nephew got up early to have breakfast with me and send me off…sad faces all around!!! But it’s all good as I’ll see them in Italy in August!!!

Beautiful display of pastries!!!
Fruits glorious fruits!!!


Thai pancakes anyone?
French toast!!!
A bit of noodles too for our breakfast!
Beautiful flower display in the Bangkok airport!!!
That’s bye bye to Thailand!!!

So that’s bye bye to Thailand and Macau… 


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