Pattaya part 2 – All about the kids!!!

If you’ve read my last post that you would already know that we went on a family holiday in Pattaya and boy was it different!!! Chauffeured and kids oriented and so it continues onto…

Day 3

Today was the day the kids were most looking forward to because we were going to…wait for it…wait for it…Cartoon Network Amazone which is basically a Cartoon Network waterpark!!! This place is pretty new, opened in Oct 2014 and the only one in the world. After a 30mins drive from our hotel, we’ve arrived at the park were we queued for  10mins for tickets (if a bit overpriced especially for Thailand) @ approx £30 for adult and £20 for children(3-12)/senior(65+). Actually what you get is a wristband for each person of which you can use for payment in the park. What you have to do is put money in the wristband and then the cashier would scan it. You can use this for towels, lockers and food/drinks.

To be honest the whole place was pretty pricy and seems you have to pay for everything except for the rides!!! Even the lockers are timed and if you go over the time then you’ll be fine a hefty amount which we did!!! Also when you rent a towel, make sure that you keep the receipt otherwise you’re not getting your deposit back!!!

The 1st area after the gates are the slides, these ranged from the baby ones to the high octane ones. Plenty of choices for the kids from my youngest nephew (4) to my oldest nephew and cousin (12). There were ones that even my brother in law was a little bit scared to go down!!!Lol!!! Then we’re at complaint time again, ok only 2 points. 1) Some of the paints were actually flaking off so a bit dangerous with kids around… 2) There’s only approx 2 entrances to the sides from the ground then you have to navigate around to get to the right slides and can get very confusing…

There’s then the wave pool where man made waves sessions occurs at approx 10mins interval. The kids love this but do be careful with them as it can be crowded and easy to lose your kids in the confusion. There are lifejackets at the side, pool guards around and the pool is not that deep but still…let’s just say I took more than a few gulps of water…

We then had lunch at the park, there were a good choices of food from kids fav of chips and fried chicken to more traditional Thai food. Do be warned that the queues for food is pretty long and also you cannot bring in your own food and drink to the park. Also to find a few deck chairs under a parasol to put your stuffs as soon as you enter the park as otherwise you’ll have to sit on sizzling chairs!!!

We then headed off into the Adventure zones where the big guns are. These are rides where you sit in rafts and splashed down these intricate slides. Our 1st ride was great fun but the queue was long and we had to wait for the raft then carry this up 3 flights of stairs then you get a choice of 3 different slides!!! 

The 2nd ride was totally scary and we thought we were not going to make it!!! It was just my oldest nephew and I going on these rides so we once again had to queue for the raft then had to walk around the area with no guide or signs. Then go up like 6 flight of stairs, again was so confused where we needed to go!!! We went in then about 10secs after being thrown all around the slide tube, the unthinkable happened!!! We were thrown off the raft but then we keep sliding!!! Luckily we were able to get back into the raft after a few mins and finished the ride. 

Despite that episode we did have a great time and it is a great place for the kids. So if you do decide to spend the whole day here then it’s worth the money but be warned you’ll be spending a lot of money! Although you might want to wait a few months as there were still other slides and areas that are still not opened yet at the moment! Also make sure you put on sunscreen!!! I had forgotten and as it was a bit windy I thought it wasn’t as hot!!! Wrong!!! I was so burnt that the next day I couldn’t put my bag on my shoulder and had to hold it in my hands!!! In fact I’m still peeling now nearly 2 weeks after!!! 

The ticket booths, 4 hrs ago it was pretty busy here!!!
Even the bins were cute!!!
Welcome centre where you can top up your wristband or book a private cabana
I would say this was the kid’s fav zone!!!

We left the park around 4pm then decided to head back over to Central Festival Pattaya again (check out my last post here) before dinner as we were all a little bit baked so really needed some air con!!!

Then we headed off to dinner, once again I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant (this is what happens when I’m not doing the planning!!!) This is again another restaurant that they’ve tried before so we had no doubts it would be good. Originally we were set along the beach next to a shipwreck but since we had so much direct sunlight today we opted for going indoors. (we were also not a massive fan off eating wathe the flies/Mosquitos!!!) The food was of course spectacular and was probably the best meal we had in Thailand!!! One tip for you, don’t try to order off menu as we tried to because their English was not very good at all and we ended up eating around for 30mins to wait for this one dish!!!  

There was a little shop next to the restaurant where they sell desserts and fruits,

They also sell this famous Thai dessert, mangoes with sticky rice
It was so pretty inside the restaurant!!!
This place was massive, from what we can see it’s just goes on and on and on and on along the beach…
Our 1st table had a beautiful setting but the air con won out!!!
Young coconut juice, this was another constant fixture on our tables whenever they had them!!! So fresh and really helps the body to cool down!!!
Fried fish with papaya salad, delish !!!

You might remember this dish from my last post but this had much fresher ingredients!!!


This prawns were the size of my palms!!!


Yup we ordered crab fried rice again, just so good!!!


Haha we even ordered Thai fish cakes!!! I assure you these are much better than the ones you’ve had at home!!!


Chilli fried crab, we’ve eaten more crabs on this trip than I normally do in a year!!!

This was our last evening in Pattaya so after the meal we jaded back to the hotel to pack our suitcases.

Thanks for reading and do come back to read about our last day in Pattaya and our short but sweet adventure in Bangkok!!!   


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