Zhongshan eating

During my visit home I also managed to visit my brother in Zhongshan, China. Which just basically means being driven around, eating as much as possible and playing with my nieces!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the many cool thing about Macau is the fact that you can just walk across the border into China!!! What’s also great is that approx 10 steps from that border lead you straight into an underground shopping mall in Zhuhai!!! You can not miss this place, it’s literally 10 steps then down the escalators!!! You can buy everything here, designer handbags (fake), DVDs (fake), trainers (fake), electronics (fake)…. However if you have the patience then you can find good bargain fashion (Made in Korea which is now “the” thing in SE Asia). 

Some tips: 

A) Lot of the clothes are one size only (still all pretty small) and you can’t try so beware!!! 

B) Unless there’s signs to say that you can’t bargain, always do it! Do not take the 1st price they offer!!!

C) Beware of your belongings, there are a lot of people in here!!!

Anyway onto the food, along with shopping this mall is always great for food. There are snacks, Japanese, Taiwanese, cafe, fast food anything you’d want really. We decided to go to a place that specialised in dumplings so of course we had to go!!!


Chinese style stuffed pepper

Pan fried dumplings, delicious!!!
Steamed chicken with spring onions, yes when eating chicken in China there’s always gonna be a head.
These were some pretty tasty Xiao Long Bao!!!

Hunanese restaurant 

I wanted to try something a bit different so my brother suggested for us to go for Hunanese. For those of you that are not familiar, this is one of the eight tradition of Chinese cuisine, well known for its hot and spicy flavour. It is unlike Sichuanese in that the spiciness is a dry heat rather than a numbing heat. 

Pickled cherry tomatoes with mini thousand years old egg , actually a very refreshing combo
Chilli chicken, not as spicy as it looks!
This is one of the only non spicy dishes we had ordered. Dried beancurd in broth.


Chilli fried beans with beef
Beef offals with chillies and spring onions

Double cooked pork bellies with a crumb topping. This was my fav dish, don’t be fooled , there’s chillies hidden inside!!

Contemporary Dim Sum

The next day we went for the only Dim Sum meal of my trip. It was also one of the more contemporary ones I’ve tried. 


The atmosphere is also very modern

I’ve definitely never had Cheung Fun like this before…I can say I was very impressed…it is one of their fav
Pan fried Lo Mai Gai (sticky rice with chicken and Chinese mushroom), loved this
Siu Mai with truffle & Chive dumplings
Deep fried red beans pancakes
Blueberries cheesecake, you definitely won’t find these in the usual dim sum restaurants!


I do have to say that in recent years I’ve found the quality of the traditional food in Hong Kong and Macau have gone a downhill and also a lot more expensive!!! Therefore the lower prices and more authentic cuisine in China is a lot more tempting.


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