Macau wandering

Most of you probably have never heard of Macau and that’s not surprising as its a tiny city (approx the size of the borough of Southwark!!!) To me Macau is my home, it’s where I was born, where I lived for the 1st 6 yrs of my life and where most of my families still live! Which means I visit this little city at least once a year yet I can always find new surprises!!!

Macau is now known as Asia’s Vegas but before that it was a Portuguese colony until 1999. Which resulted in an eclectic mix of architectures where brand new glass casinos with flashing lights sit alongside brightly coloured Portugese style embassy and a Buddist temple!!! I hope that despite the rate the casino complexes are growing the authentic buildings and area that make Macau special will not disappear!!!

I’ve already introduced you to some of the culinary delights (and mishaps) of Macau, now I could like to share with you some of the places I visited which isn’t many actually! Haha that’s because I spent most of the time eating!!! Lol!!! There are many many more fantastic experiences and sights that you can find out about in the Macau Tourism site and this site.  I would definitely recommend checking out Alto de Coloane Park & Statue of A-Ma one of my favourite place and tends to be less touristy with a great view! Again if you would like further recommendations then please let me know!!!


The cycle track along Taipa waterfront is great to bring the kids as its car free and theres quiet area where the less experienced cyclist can practise.
Another great thing about Macau is that instead of having to take the train to China (like Hong Kong), you can just walk across the border!!!
This is one end of the route where you can actually go fishing/prawning!!!
Old high rise flats

This street actually used to be the red light district which is marked by the red doors! Until recently these shops were all derelict but in the last few years independent retailers/restaurants have moved in, making this area a must for tourists and locals!!!
In the middle of this street you’ll find this shop which specialise in Chinese style jerk meat. My brother reckons it’s the best in town!
Kwun Ya Kai (Rua do Cunha), all tourists will visit this street at least once. This is where you can pick up all your trafitional snack needs!!!

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