Macau eating

I wondered how best to post my recent travel as I visited 3 different places and decided that photo sometimes speak louder than words!!! This 1st post will be all about the food I’ve tasted on this trip….enjoy

Food glorious food…

Ube is similar to yam or sweet potatoes but have a more subtle flavour. This is definitely my favourite ice cream flavour!!!
Mum’s home cooked dishes for my 1st meal back plus char siu my fav!!!


Chinese dessert: Sweet soup made with dried bean curd and barley with a boiled eye. Might sounds weird but amzing and great for your complexion!!!
Spicy ramen, there’s now so many more Ramen Ya in Macau!!! It’s not so hard to find a good one anymore!!!
An array of traditional Cantonese dishes from my sister’s restaurant
Yup, this was my 4th birthday cake of the year!!! A cookie ‘n’ cream Dairy Queen ice-cream cake!!!
Pork congee (rice porridge) with thousand years old eggs!!!
Wanton noodles sprinkled with dried prown roe!!! Perfect midnight feast!!!
Char siu & pork chop noodles, this is how we breakfast part1!!!
Char siu and egg sandwich, this is how we breakfast part 2!!!
No meal is complete without dessert, even breakfast!!! Hand churnched ice cream, ginger, sesame and ube!!!
Breakfast again!!! This time it’s congee, taro cake, turnip cake, steamed cake
and cheung fun (rolled rice sheets with sauces) and siu mai!!!
Streetcart selling waffles and banana cakes
Condensed milk and peanut butter sandwiched in a crispy waffles. I love this!!!
Pork chop sandwich, this is a must if you’re visiting Macau!!!

Supper club dining

We had a recommendation for this supper club but there was some confusion as we thought we were having Japanese but it was actually European fusion. Overall it was uninspiring and average but at least they had decent presentation so made for good photos…

Butternut squash soup with an oyster shoot
Bubbling fish broth
Cheese stuffed king prawns on barley
Pineapple sorbet and baked crab
Chargrilled chicken
Moroccan style stewed beef, this was everyone’s least fav dish!!! The flavours didn’t work well together and far too rich!!!
This was the only good dish of the evening, apple slice with vanilla ice cream and Japanese melon

Buffet Brunch

Macau is famous for buffets and there are many many choices to choose from. We have tried many places and these have generally been good.

For brunch we normally go to Aurora at Altira which offer good food selections and an outdoor terrace. This time round we decided to try a new place, Belon at Bayan Tree. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with the glitz!!! Dangling chandeliers, floor to ceiling tube lights and foods!!! Actually I felt that the food stations were a bit far apart which meant you have to carry your food around when visiting each station. 

The quality of the food was pretty high and the price includes all you can drink too but we were good and stuck to Watermelon juice. They even offer a caviar side dish in the middle of our meal. Overall it was a fun experience and if you’re planning to come to Macau then be sure to plan in a buffet meal!!!

So pretty!!!

Bit more sparkle
Pasta station, made to order!!!
Soup and breads
3 different type of oysters!!!
More seafood selection
Salad bar
Ribs station, the beef short ribs were delicious and fell right off the bone!!!
Cake pops!!!
Dessert station, my fav!!!

I hope I was able to show you the diversity of food you can find in Macau and entice you to pay a visit. The food I have shown here is really only the tip of the ice berg!!! There are so many more Macanese specialities that I didn’t have time to have!!! So if you’re planning a trip then feel free to contact me for some more recommendations!!!


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