My Birthday Part 3 – Romantic dinner @ Chez Elles and a cake!!!

So far the BF had done triumphantly but then he told me where we were going to dinner….I have to say I was a little bit shocked! You probably thinking it’s because I was sooo impressed…well you’d be wrong! The reason I was shocked was because I can’t really eat French food!!! My Asian digestive system just don’t seem to be able to get along with rich buttery French goodness!!!

However we decided to go anyway as Chez Elles have had raving reviews and deemed as one of the most romantic restaurants in London. In the end I’m so glad we went as the place was indeed beautiful and romantic but still contemporary. 

The menu was full of French classics and the day’s give some surprises. The combination of rich smokey black puddings and sweet juicy poached pears was the perfect starter to whey my appetite. The duck confit is a must try, the meat falling of the bone with a nudge of the spoon. The indulgent cheesy dauphinois and fresh tasting beans. Unfortunately the BF’s order weren’t as successful and he definitely had food envy!!! He had ordered the ham hock terrine with cam with too salty capers and a French fish and chips!!! For dessert we shared the vanilla & pistachio creme brûlée. This was smooth and creamy with a slight hint of pistachio. The bill came with a jar of gummy sweets which the BF swears it’s French!!! This extra touch rounded our meal of nicely

The price was really reasonable for the portion and this standard of food. The atmosphere is a bonus and am so glad we found this little oasis in the craziness that’s Brick Lane.



I loved the decor of this place, especially the birdcage lamps!!!
Brilliant starter, black puddings with poached pears. Everything on this plate were delicious, even the salad dressing!!!
This ham hock terrine was pretty average…
Duck confit, best dish of the night!!!
French style fish & chips, both elements were tasty but lacked wow factor!
The love seat in the corner was pretty special. They actually seat you next to each other which was surprisingly a good way to eat with your partner!
How cute that the dessert menu comes in a frame!
Vanilla & Pistachio creme brûlée
French gummy to sweeten up the bill!!!

My last surprise of the day was a beautiful 3 layers Peggy Porschen cake (vanilla, caramel & chocolate with salted caramel filling and vanilla frosting)!!!



This was truly a great birthday, many thanks to the BF for organising (think he can do this forever more now) and all my friends/families for their well wishes and thoughtful presents. Love you all lots!!! X


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