My Birthday Part 2 – The Art of The Brick

Lego is one of those medium that has become popular recently and one that fascinate me hugely. So of course there was no way I’d want to miss this and my BF put that as the next stop on my birthday.

There were a few things that surprised me about this exhibition, firstly it was so much bigger than I expected!!! Secondly, I have been to a few Lego exhibitions in the past, although they were amazing in their own rights but nothing prepared me for this! The artist Nathan Sawaya really pushed the boundaries!!!  Instead of the standard buildings, this guy has actually made human sculptures with these little bricks!!! 
The way he was able to capture the emotions and movement of each of the pieces was incredible!!! This is definitely an unmissable exhibition for Lego and Art fans alike. Along with the pieces, there were videos that give you more insight to the Artist’s inspiration and the making of the exhibition. Instead of writing too much about this I think I’ll just share with you my highlights from the show but again as the last exhibition I’m not going to show you everything as I believe it’s a totally experience when you see the pieces in real life. This will be closing on 12th Apr so get yourself over to their website to book tickets! 
If you’re not able to get to make it in person then check out my Facebook page to find all my photos from the exhibition.
This might not look that exciting from the front but have a look at it from the side…

this becomes 3D and show different layers!!!
How cute is this polar bear!!! It’d be so cool if the scarf was made with Lego too!!!
This was another unexpected piece, had so many little details!
These faces were so expressive!
This piece had a very sad story, it was inspired by a loss of a child…
This is how I feel most days!!!
Loved this piece, especially the fact that you can only see the eye when you walk away from the piece.
This piece was pretty special as you can actually look inside the piece and see how it’s constructed.
This is one of my favourite piece, I mean how can you not love a Lego Dinosaur skeleton!!!


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