My Birthday Part 1 – Skygarden, 24hrs cafe & An Exhibition of miniature proportion

It’s not often I give credits to the BF but he really deserves it this time! Normally I tend to plan my own birthday so that I’d know exactly what I’d be doing. However it seems the older I get the lazier I get and this year I decided that I would give up altogether. So tasked my BF to plan my birthday….yes yes I’m a spoiled princess….and he came up trumps despite his worries!!!

We started the day by walking a short distance to 20 Fenchurch St to the Skygarden. This 1st stop was definitely the biggest surprise as last I checked there were no tickets available!!! Mind you he has a history of lucking out when it comes to getting tickets. Like going to the Shard, you have to go through security and bag check. You also need to bring an ID with you so they can verify you ticket! Then we were allowed to take the lift up to the 35th floor!!!
When you first walk into the garden, the overall view was pretty breathtaking. I love the facts that there are spaces like this that allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the day we went it was a bit drizzly so London was showing her grey side but still stunning. My complaint about the place would be that it’s not very big, it would only take around 10mins to walk around the whole place. There’s only seats in one side of the building or on some of the platforms. So it’s hard to spend a long time up there. Of course you could go and enjoy some refreshments in either the restaurant (Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill), the brasserie (Darwin Brasserie) or the bar (Sky Pod Bar) but we weren’t tempted.
Sky Pod Bar, this is the 1st thing you’d see as you enter

Beautiful even in grey

He had actually planned for us to climb the Monument but due to the weather we thought better of it. So after some research we decided to try out Polo 24 Hour Bar, a 24hrs Cafe opposites Liverpool St station.
We were seated pretty quickly on the 1st floor with an array of mixed memorabilia. I couldn’t quite decide what this place is trying to be… Nevertheless they had pancakes on the menu and was exactly what my stomach was yearning for. In fact there were so many tempting options on the menu that we ended up over ordering!!! What a surprise!!! The offers were pretty much what you’d expected from a cafe/diner, all day breakfast/burgers/sandwiches etc…Overall the food was decent and would be considered as gourmet after a night of drinking! 
Words of warning, do not order the pancakes!!! I was expecting light fluffy American style and what I got was flat, limp and rubbery!!! Also if you order chilli cheese fries expecting a beef chillies with your chips then…you’d be wrong!!! What you get is actually some chillies with your not very cheesy fries!!!
The cafe is right opposite Liverpool St’s main entrance, hard to miss!
There’s alot of US memorbilia for a British cafe
You can see we’ve mistakenly ordered the pancakes and the chillies fries. Don’t make the same mistake!!!
 Our next stop was to Andipa Gallery in South Kensington where they were showing the London street artist Slinkachu’s exhibition ‘Miniaturesque’. There were not many pieces here but what they had was so thought provoking!!! His artwork are created by installing bespoke miniature figures into the most random location to tell a story. I won’t tell you too much as I think everyone should go and check it out (the exhibition runs until 11th Apr so be quick) If you can’t make it he also has a few books out which you can find the links to buy here
There are closed up photos of all the installations but also wide angel ones which are great for playing “Where’s Wally”

This was my favourite piece, there are so many intricate models in this piece and I spent nearly 20mins looking at every single one!!!
This is also a very cool piece

Check out my next 2 posts for the rest of my birthday’s celebration.  

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