Beijing Dumpling – Friday night Xiao Long Bao fix

We needed to go to Chinatown to get some food supplies so we thought we’d might as well grab dinner whilst we were there. We were on a mission to get our dumpling fix…

We had originally chosen to go to Baozi Inn but then my BF threw a curve ball. He wanted to have dumplings and ho fun (he’s absolutely fanatic abouth these flat wide rice noodles). So of to Beijing Dumpling we go.

You will find this place by looking for the window where chefs are proudly creating Xiao Long Bao. This helps to show you that these dumplings are made fresh for you and did not come from a package!!!

There’s generally a queue for this place but this move pretty quickly. I would add that this is not a showy place at all, the decor is pretty standard fare with lanterns hanging from the ceiling for that “Chinese” feel… The tables are a bit sticky so beware…however I urge you to look pass this as the food is good!!!

Xiao Long Bao is a must try here!!! If you’re not familiar with these, they are traditionally from Shanghai and are round little dumplings filled with pork and piping hot broth. There’s certain techniques to eating these without burning your inside. My way is to put the dumpling in a spoon, soak it with a dash of vinegar then let cool before popping the whole lot in my mouth! So ladylike….

We ordered 2 different versions of Xiao Long Bao, spicy ones and ones with crab meat. There are vegetarian and chicken versions if you don’t eat pork. We also ordered Beef Ho Fun with Black Bean sauce and Fried Tofu with Chinese mushrooms. All the dishes were well prepared and really hit the spot for us. My one complaint would be that the dumplings were lacking a bit of broth! Generally your mouth would be filled with flavourful broth before you hit the fillings. With these you bite into the generous filling first then you get a dash of broth. 

This is definitely one of my go to restaurants in Chinatown. The food is good and not hard on the wallet. The menu is very extensive and have many of my childhood favourites. Come with a group of friends so that you can try out a wide selection of their dishes and enjoy with fragrant jasmine rice!!!  Oh and lastly if you like soya milk then be sure to order their homemade version, it’s one of the best that we’re tried in London!!! Not too sweet and you can really taste the soya!



You can just tick the dishes you want to order. Easy!!!
Beef Ho Fun with Black Beaun Sauce, my BF thinks this is pretty good and he should know!!! He’d tried the same dish in like every Chinese restaurants we have been to!!!
Fried Tofu with Chinese mushrooms. I just love tofu!!!
Xiao Long Bao with crab meat.
These are the spicy ones and they really pack a punch!!! Order with caution!!!
Come to my mouth, you delicious little thing!!!


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