Classic Carboot Sale – Southbank Centre

I have always enjoyed going to a good old fashion carboot sale. This was especially true during my uni days when we were low on cash. Where charity shops and carboot sales were our 1st stop for “new” clothes and vinyls!!! 

Fast forward a decade or so later and how things have changed!!! Ok, things have not changed so much (at least not in the carboot community). It is only that this is not your everyday carboot sale. For one thing, you paid £4 to get into the sale instead of the normal 50p/£1. This is pretty steep if it’s just a sale…but this is so much more!!!

Instead of the standard wares of old toys, dodgy DVDs, old furnitures and 2nd clothes…you get vintage toys, vintage furnitures, vintage crockeries and vintage clothes!!! Really to me this is more a vintage fair with the added bonus of some very cool classic cars! 

The place was a lot bigger than expected and had some cool street food on offer. There was even a craft beer bar converted from an old school bus!!! We didn’t try any of the food as we’re had already filled our bellies in the nearby Real Food Market. This is another great food market in London and my favourite stall here has to be Korrito where you can grab a Korean burrito with spicy pork belly and Korean fried rice. Delish!!!

Anyway back to the sale, I absolutely loved the idea of the Classic Carboot Sale, there were some really cool stuffs to be found and we would definitely check it out next time it’s in town. Such a shame that the weather was your typical London rain season (which is like always!!!) so most of the stalls had to cover up and dampened our shopping urges so we went away empty handed!!! 

I loved the posters they had outside the entrance

Cool stamp!!!

The salmon pink car is sooo adorable!!! I want one!!!

How cool do these cadillacs look!!!

There’s even a DeLorean!!!

Craft beer on a school bus…um…


These lights look so cool!!! I so wanted one but I would need a cool NYC loft apartment to go with them 1st!!!

so many VW vans around!!!

Can you see the little cars on the bonnet?

A bit of light entertainment!

Food from an ambulance….


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