East London Wandering – Hackney City Farm, Broadway Market, Netil Market & Nintey Eight Bar

This post is gonna be pretty packed as I had a pretty packed Sat!!! Our morning’s plan was to go to one of the food markets near us, choices were Maltby St or Broadway. In the end Broadway won as we felt its a bit more diversed where we not only have food but also a bit of shopping. 

We liberately chosen a route that is new to us so that we can see some new “sights” in the area. This is how we ended up at Hackney City Farm unexpectedly. We have always wanted to come but never had the time. It was a fun little detour and there’s nothing like the smell of a farm!!! There was a cute little cafe and shop that we didn’t get a chance to go but we’ll be back!!!

After our little farm visit, we carried on towards Broadway Market. I really do love this market, you get grab some amazing food, pickup some vintage fashion or just chill out and listen to a band or two. The food choices are so varied, there’s sweet and aromatic Vietnamese coffee at Saigon Street Cafe & CaPheVan, best scotch eggs and chicken & ham pie from Eat My Pies, one of the best chicken burgers we’ve had from Butchies, hot dogs, fresh pasta, curries, dumplings really anything you want!!! There’s tons of restaurants and pubs around here too. The choices are endles, really just depends on what mood you’re in!!!

If that’s not enough there are another couple of markets 2 mins away!!! There’s the market in the London Fields Primary School and Netil Market. Both have a mixture of quirky stalls and lots of food! My recommendations are Frenchie in the school where they make a tasty duck confit burger with your choice of cheese. Netil Market is probably most famous for Lucky Chip, but unfortunately they have now moved onto new pastures. No matters because they have been replaced by others of the same calibers.

After much to-ing and fro-ing we decided to try Morty & Bob’s grilled cheese toasties. We had the Mushroom and Truffle which was soooo good!!! I mean it’s hard to go wrong with truffles!!! The earthy taste combined with melted cheese and crunchy bread….what can I say…..heaven!!! 

A bit more food, a nap and a shower later we met up with some friends for a quiet PreBirthday celebration at a bar that I’ve been meaning to check out. Nintey eight bar and lounge, this place is so randomly surreal and totally me!!! The entrance is in the basement of one of the many Victorian houses on Curtain Rd. It is definitely somewhere you wouldn’t really notice if you weren’t looking for it. Once you’ve found it you have to walk down the wrought iron spiral staircase which felt like falling into the rabbit hole!!!

As soon as you step through the doors you are immediately greeted by a cornucopia of one of furnitures, art pieces and nik nags. This place is just fantastic, it’s like the front room of your rich and eccentric aunt. I honestly would love to live here!!! 

There’s about 3 different areas, the main area where we were, the atrium and a small room in the back that resembles a dance floor? It was super packed so we retreated back to our comfortable main room. 

This was a table service bar and I’m not gonna lie, the prices are not that wallet friendly however I think it’s worth it for the surrounding and atmosphere. All my friends  really enjoyed themselves and amazingly this is yet another bar where you can actually talk to each other. If you’re planning to come with a few friends then be sure to book a table to avoid disappointment.

All in all it had been a great Saturday and reaffirmed my love for my hood!!! I feel like it doesn’t matter how long I’ve lived here, there’ll still be places that will surprise me!!! I love East London!!!

The entrance looks so inviting and felt like we were going to a village!!!

It’s running ducks and chickens!!!


Ducky going for a walk!!!


Piggies doing what they do best!!! Hehe!!!

Hackney City Arm…

Cool Georgian cafe 5 mins from Broadway Market, if you fancy checking out something a little different then be sure tio stop by!

Such a cute little car!

I love the street arts in London!!! this one is just perfectly situated

Hog roast anyone?

Eat My Pies- this is the venture by TV chef /presenter Andy Bates and definitely one of my all time fav!!!

So good, we discovered this place at Winterville last Dec!

Netil Market – love that there’s communal seating for everyone

This stall was the busiest in the market by far!

Bring on the cheese!!!

Pretty generous portion!!! The pickle was definitely a nice touch!

Free popcorns come woth your drinks, just keep asking for top up as they only give you a teacup full at a time!

If I was mire drunk I would so have tried to take the horse woth me!!!

Best cocktail of the night!!! The Green Lady, so refreshing !!!

So random but cool!!!


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