HotBox – Long awaited BBQ!!!

So for those of you who follows my blog you’ll see that I’ve been meaning to visit HotBox for a while now. After 2 failed attempts, I’ve finally made it and it was definitely memorable!!!!

My companion for this meal was one of closest friend from uni. She’s a massive lover of meat and we haven’t seen each other for a few months so this was the perfect place for a catch up!!! 

Now HotBox is one of those “no reservations” places (unless you’re 6 or more) that I generally are not a big fan of especially when it’s freezing outside! I have been known to forewent Franco Manca for The Japanese Canteen for this very reason!!! We went on a Friday so we were very lucky to get seats straight away, even if it was the bar table by the window. There were many after us who had to wait in the bar downstairs!

I have to say I made a bit of a booboo by gorging myself all day as I had went out the night before (tequila!!!)!!! Therefore by the time I met with my friend, I was not that hungry. Yet that did not stop me from ordering too much!!! Lol!

First thing first, it’s a Friday night so drinks were on my mind! All the cocktails looked tempting and I couldn’t choose, the waitress helped by suggestimg something off menu, I believe it was called Buttercup but I couldn’t tell you what was in it. Just order it if you fancy something sweet and delicious.

The food menu was not very extensive so it wasn’t too hard to choose. My friend ordered the Dirty Swine Sandwich with pickled jalapeño slaw and sweet potatoe fries while I ordered the Smokey Bandit burger with the same sides. Yup we’re total chilli heads and this place was great for this. Not only do they give you spicy house pickles on the side with the main dish, both of the homemade ketchup and mayo also come with a spicy twist!

The portions were enormous!!! We really should have shared the sides but that greedy streak alway rears its ugly head!!! My burger was so amazing, the patty was perfectly cooked, medium rare with a beautiful pink middle (I would have taken a pic but this burger was MESSY!!!) Short ribs just melted in my mouth and mixed with jalapeños and cheese…out of this world!!! In facts I’m still fantasising about it now!!! My friend’s sandwich was also very good and you can tell that by the facts that during the meal we hardly talked to each other!!! The sides also provided good flavours and crunch!!!

Despite a full stomach there was no way I was gonna pass up dessert especially when Deep Fried Oreos were on offer!!! Now I can’t say I would order these again as they weren’t what I’d expected. I don’t know about you but when I was a student, we always had a pot of oil ready at the back of the stove and we would pretty much deep fried ANYTHING!!! One of my top favourite was when I deep fried cookie dough. This was soft and gooey with bits of melted chocolate. So that’s what I was hoping for but instead we were given a donut shell and a crunchy Oreo centre…. It wasn’t that it was bad…just not as good as I’d hope…

We could have stayed for much longer with our drinks however we were very politely asked to move on as our seats were needed by other starving punters. But we were of course welcomed to go to the bar downstairs. So we paid up and headed down which I’m so glad we did. If you have ever been out in East London then you know how hard it is to find anywhere that you can chill out and actually talk to your friends! This is one of those places, the decor was relaxed but stylish, there were lots of sharing tables and big rectangular “sofas”. Sorry I didn’t get any pic as it was pretty dark. The staffs were friendly and fun. I was so pleasantly surprised by the bar and this is absolutely worth a visit on its own merits.

Not only did I get to catch up with my lovely friend but also discovered 2 more local spots to hang out in!!! Not a bad start to the weekend!!!

the dining soave was not very big but at least you’re not stuffed like sarnies


DirtySwine Sandwich, pulled pork collar with spicky linked sausages

The Smokey Bandit, aged patty, smoked short ribs, jalapeños, red cheddar. You know you wamt it, one of my fav burger in London!!!

This is a pretty fullfilling meal, be ready!!! Be sure to dip your burger in the tasty bbq sauce!!!

Handmade chilli ketchup!!! Delish!!!

So-so deep fried Oreos

Cool bar downstairs


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