Silent Disco @ The Shard!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to a Silent Disco @ The Shard on Sat night and it was amazing!!! Seriously it was so much fun, I’ve been to another Slient Disco before and that was amazing too but the added bonus here is the fact that we were in The Shard!!!

Now I’ve never really wanted to go to The Shard as I found the price tag to be a bit steep! However when I saw this offer in Time Out I decided to give it a go as I love silent disco and partying in high places. I was definitely not disappointed!!! Even my friend who was sceptical at first said that it was one of the best night out she’s ever had!!! 

After going through security and 2 lifts, we arrived at the viewing gallery on the 69th floor of The Shard. We were given wireless headphones that offered 3 channels and changes colour depending on the channel you choose. Then we were free to wonder around the gallery. The view was fantastically even though it was such a rainy night. There were 2 different bars, one that offers prosecco, Bellini and white whilst the other offer mixers and beers. Unfortunately they didn’t serve shots to my disappointment!!! The prices were expensive as expected but not really higher than you’d pay in other London bars.

Not only were you able to wondering around the 69th floor, we were also able to go to the 72nd floor. It was the highest floor you can go to and as it’s semi exposed so you do get a better view however on a windy night in your party clothes it was a little too cold to stay long!

The atmosphere in the whole place was fantastic. Everyone was having such a good time and when ever you hear a good song you would turn to your friends and tap your headphone so they can tune in too. As the headphones were wireless you can take them everywhere with you even to the toilets!!! Now if you do visit The Shard then make sure you go to the toilet as these are individual cubicle where you have a glass wall and with the headphones, your own party!!! For anyone who’s never been to a Silent Disco I’d urge you to try. It’s just so much fun and all the more better in The Shard!!! It might just be me but there’s just something about partying on top of London!!!

Party people

The 3 DJs

View in the toilet

By the end of the night, most people had took their shoes off. Luckily this floor was a lot cleaner than most clubs!

The ceiling of the lift going down

Bizarre but the gift shop was opened on our way out!!??


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