Pub Grub & Taiwanese street food

This weekend was our long awaited girls get together, we had booked Silent Disco at The Shard (which I’ll be doing a short post on later). Of course before that there’s a whole lot of eating to be had.

Pub Grub

On the Saturday, we ended up in The Windsor Castle in Clapton. This is one of those really chilled pubs where you can just while away a whole afternoon having drinks with your friend. It is also extremely kids friendly, in fact we had a table of 4 screaming kids right next to us…unfortunately.

Anyway onto the food…the menu was very simple and only had approx 5 main courses which I believe they change from to time. As A couple of us weren’t that hungry So we went for 2 starters instead of a main, whilst the other friend went for a main.

The food was tasty and definitely a notch above the normal pub grub. The artichoke frittata was full of flavours and not too heavy. Also worth a mention are the chips, these was thick cut, crispy on the outside and super fluffy inside!!! Even if you’re only here for drink, you should order some!!!

This is a great local pub that serves honest food and as an added bonus the barmen were pretty easy on the eyes too. 😉

A refreshing Tom Collins

Lovely fresh breads

Pork & Fennel sausage roll, meaty and delicious

Artichoke frittata with pesto

Some of the best chips I’ve ever had!!!

Confit of duck leg

Cauliflower and cheese, creamy but not to rich

Taiwanese street food

We were meeting more friends after the pub and due to some miscommunication (my fault) it meant that they had not eaten lunch. So we ended up having another late lunch which then turned into a very early dinner as we didn’t feel like eating later!!! Our eating schedule was so messed up!!!

As we only wanted something light so I suggested to go to Old Tree Bakery in Chinatown (this is the 2nd branch of this bakery, the 1st in Golders Green) where they serve Tawaniese street food. I have actually only recently came here for the 1st time and really enjoyed the food. I wanted to try more of their offerings.

Now even though I enjoyed the food I do have a big complain about this place! The service is soooo bad!!! The 1st time I went we were to we only had 45mins to eat even though the place was only half full!! What also is very annoying is that generally Taiwanese people are so lovely!!! 

However I would still recommend this place for quick cheap eats and a taste of Taiwan. Their bubble tea can be served hot or cold with chewy and tasty “bubble”. My personal favourite is Taro bubble tea. The food here brought back memories of a Taiwanese night market. My favourite dishes I’ve tried were Tawianese beef noodles and fried chickens which were both from my last visit. However all the dishes I’ve tried are of good quality so do try other dishes. 

Taro bubble tea, Milk bubble tea and Ived lemon tea

Salt & Pepper tofu, these were so moorish

Oyster omelette with whole oysters and tangy sauce

Tainan noodles, full of flavour

Steamed dumplings


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