Brunch & Vietnamese

After our Slient Disco on Sat, we went for what can only be described as a dirty kebab and cheesy chips. Of course at the time it was the best thing ever but the next day with dry throat and greasy aftertaste, we needed something a bit healthier.


So with healthy in mind we headed out to Exmouth Coffee Company For brunch. I have been here once before and really loved it so wanted to bring the girls. It’s hard to miss this place with the gorgeous display of baked goodies in the window. The coffee is highly recommended by my friends too but I can’t comment as I can’t drink coffee. It makes me very hyper (I really can’t be any more loud!!!)

The interior is so East London in a good way, mint green tiles with exposed pipes. Shabby chic furnitures and chandeliers. In the savoury front they have flat bread sandwiches (lots of different fillings to choose from), quiches, pizzas and salads. For sweets, there are cakes, macaroons, tarts, cookies and loads more. 

Everything is made fresh here and we were actually sat right next to the outside kitchen where they do the preparing. It all looked so delicious we kept looking over. Lol. We loved everything we ordered and we did feel pretty good afterwards. Even though my friend did sneak a Portuguese egg tart in. The pastry I felt was a little underdone but the custard was sweet and velvety.

If you’re ever down Whitechapel way make sure you come check out this little gem of a place. Then head over to the Whitechapel Gallery. 

everything looked so tempting…Took a lot of self control to turn away!!!

So many choices…too many choices!!!

Chicken and pesto with salad

Veg quiches with salad

quiche Lorraine with salad

I have to say I didn’t really like this, I thought it would be refreshing but it was really bitter…

Beautiful coffee art

Vietnamese Lunch

After brunch, we wandered around Petticoats Lane market (highly recommended for cheap clothes), Brick Lane markets and even made it to Columbia Flower market. I have to say there were lots of temptation along the way. Mother Clucker, The Orange Buffalo and all the other market foods. However we were all still full from brunch so we walked on.

Again we felt we needed something healthy so we forewent our last temptation Bird and headed towards the Viet stretch down Kingsland Rd. There are 2 places that I go to most of the times. 1 is everyone’s favourite and the most famous Vietnamese in London – Sông Quê Café and the other is Tây Dô restaurant (there’s 2 down this street and I prefer the bigger one just because sitting is nicer)

We decided on Tây Dô As they do the Vietnamese steamed rolls which are rice pancake rolls with different fillings. These are similar to Chinese Cheung Fun, a favourite on the dim sum menu. They also do meaty and smokey chargrilled pork which is a must order. You can have it on its own, with rice noodles (bún) or rice. 

For those of you that are Vietnamese virgins I would definitely ordered these 2 dishes along with Summer rolls and Pho noodles. That should get you sufficiently addicted to this fresh and fragrant cuisine. Don’t forget to dip everything in the omnipresent fish sauce. Oh and even if you don’t like coffee you’ll love their strong and smooth coffee!!!

Once again we over ordered and went away with full satisfied stomachs. 

Note to self: I really should stop writing my post so late especially when it’s food related!!! It means I go to bed hungry!!!

Steam rice rolls with pork filling. These are covered with deep fried shallots, eaten with the lettuce, beansprouts and dipped in the amazing fish sauce

Traditional Vietnamese Pancakes with prawns, you wrap the pancake in a lettuce leaf then dip in again the fish sauce. I love this dish but man is it messy to eat!!! Not one to order with a date!

Char- Griled Pork, Pork’s Skin & Egg Cake Served woth Steamed Rice. This was my order and even now I’m craving it!!! Again the fish sauce is pour into the rice for extra flavour

Chilli,Lemongrass Rice Vermicelli with Prawns

Special Char- Grilled Mince Pork with Rice Vermicelli. I love this dish, crunchy and deep filled spring rolls, chargrilled pork, fresh and springy noodles and fish sauce again!!!

Huế Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup with Prawns


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