Raspberry chiffon cake – Birthday cake for a special lady!!!

My 1st baking post how exciting!!! So I’m forever searching for the best chiffon cake recipe!!! It was an obsession that my mum passed onto me. I can remember when we were kids, my mum was so determined to make the lightest and moistest chiffon cake. She’d literally make a chiffon cake every day for 2 weeks straight!!! Funny enough I can’t remember if she ever did make her ideal chiffon cake…I really should ask her…lol
Well I’m not as bad as that so I only bake one when it’s suitable for the occasion. Most of the time I’d go for cakes that have lots of cream!!! But for my friend (she’s special because she was born on the 29th Feb so her birthday only happens every 4 years!!!) who does not like butter cream or fussy cake, a simple chiffon cake is perfect for her.
Now even though she doesn’t like fussy but I still like to experiment. After some research I found a recipe that I’d like from Grace Kitchen Corner. However instead of blueberries I decided to go with raspberries. ( only because I’d made a blueberry chiffon cake recently too (different recipe)). I was worried it wouldn’t turn out well as I had over whipped the egg white…but actually it turned out very well and everyone loved it!!!
The recipe
(Egg white mixture)
  • Egg whites 180g
  • Caster sugar  90g
  • Corn flour 10g
(Egg yolk mixture)
  • Egg yolk 70g
  • Water 20g
  • Vegetable oil 60g
  • Raspberry sauce 80g
  • Lemon juice 10g
  • Caster sugar 20g

Plain flour 90g

Preheat over at 160 degree C

Make the Raspberry sauce by cooking in a pan 125g of raspberries, a table spoon of sugar, a splash of water and lemon juice. Cook until the raspberries have disintegrated then let cool.
Mix all the egg yolk mixture in a big bowl

Sift the flour into the egg yolk mixture.


Whisk everything together and ensure no lumps in the mixture.


Meanwhile whisk the egg white in a separate bowl. Gradually adding the sugar then cornflour. Be careful not to over whip the egg white like I did!


Mix a 1/3 of the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture. Mix well then add the rest of the egg white.
Once the mixture is well combined, pour into prepared tin. I used a 22cm chiffon cake pan, the originally recipe suggested 20cm pan. it is upto you and how high you’d want your cake to be. the smaller the pan the higher the cake. Tap the pan against the counter top to meke the air bubble surface to the top.


Bake the cake for 40-50mins. Take the cake out, insert a chopstick and ensure that no crumb is stuck to the chopstick

Turn the cake pan upside down and let the cake cool.
Once cool, remove the cake from the pan carefully by running a spatular along the edge and bottom.

Decorate the cake as you wish. You can add fresh whipped cream, buttercream or as I’ve done here by simply adding fruits. Although the cake is delicious all by itself.

I love the pink colour of this cake and it really is so light and fluffy!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and I urge you all to try this cake. It’s a pretty easy cake and doesn’t need many ingredients. I would suggest you experiment as well and try different combinations.


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