Jinjuu – Sexy & Modern Korean

Haha this is going to seem like a deja vu now as again but Jinjuu is another place that I’ve been meaning to go but couldn’t get a table!!! However of course we did make it, my dinning companion is once again my best friend…those of you who read my last post will already know this is not going to end well!!!

Now the 1st thing you need to know about Jinjuu is that…it’s not a “traditional” Korean restaurant. So do not go in there expecting to see an ajumma (Korean for middle aged women) serving you kimchi and pajeong. If you want that then I would suggest a trip to Tottenham Court Rd or better still hope on a train to New Malden (unofficial Koreatown)

What you actually get are friendly and slick staff in a contemporary space. We were lead downstairs to the restaurant and to our surprise a table that was right next to the open kitchen. Now we went for the 1st sitting for lunch at 12pm, you would imagine this meant that we were the only ones there…you’d be wrong!!! It was actually pretty busy and more table people comes it as the time goes. This is why I was only able to get a table after 3 tries!!!

The 1st thing we did was of course order some cocktails!!! I’ve been following Jinjuu on Facebook and were very much looking forward to trying everything!!! My cocktail was delicious but I can’t actually remember the name…and I can’t find it on their website…lol There was elderflower foam and that’s all I can recall…

The food were delicious and definitely a good intro for someone who’s never tried Korean before. It is also a great choice for Korean connoisseurs who likes to mix it up a bit. Now must tries, The Jin Chick – crispy and moist fried chicken that’s well seasoned, Jap Chae – very good wok chi (the power of the wok) and I love the texture of the noodles, Snickers Hotteok – this is the best dessert ever and I would go there just for this!!! It is very rich so definitely leave enough room unlike us….Once again we completely over ordered and nearly spoiled dinner plans again ( we were going to try HotBox again…but we got lazy ordered takeaway instead)…um…why do we never learn???

I would definitely recommend everyone to go try Jinjuu, even if you just going to pop in for a drink and some Anju (this is the type of food you eat when you’re having a drink). We will be going back to try some more of their food!!!

p.s go check out the bathrooms, it’s very fun with lots of K-pop star posters. lol.

Loving the warehouse look!!!
Brill cocktail!!!
Jap Chae
You can even sit at the bar to have a close encounter with the chefs!!!

The Jin Chick – the best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)
Mandoo – such an elegant way to eat dumplings!
Rice – Might seem simple but when done well it brings so much joy!!!
Bo Ssam Pork Belly – Not my favourite but was still good
Dubu & Ya-char Jun – Its hard not to love deep fried tofu and veg!!!
Asian slaw, the perfecr side
Snickers Hotteok – this was the best dessert ever!!! not for sharing hehe
This was so refreshing and still went down pretty easy on a full stomach.
I’m so annoyed that I dont remebember what this tea was as it was really good to have after a full meal!!!
Jinjuu means bear so very ap to have your bill in a pearl shell

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