Palomar – stylish Jewish food in London

I’ve been wanting to try Palomar for a while but was not able to get a table.
But I finally made it there in the 2nd week of Jan for a long overdue catch up with my best friend. 

Firstly we loved the decor, felt like I was back in New York!!! After walking through some thick curtains we were ushered pass the bar and into the main dining room. The space was not very big but luckily not too crowded.

This concept of the restaurant is to share the dishes and we were recommended to order around 4 dishes…Now I had read a few reviews before so had a good idea what to order. What that actually meant was I wanted to try EVERYTHING!!! Unfortunately for our stomachs we were both just as greedy as each other so we over ordered as always and had to cancel our dinner plan to go to HotBox, much to the BF’s disappointment (he was going to join us)!!! To this date we still have not been yet!!!

Luckily the food were amazing and so I can’t complain too much!!! The only 2 dishes that I wouldn’t recommend would be the Pak Choi and Tenderstem Broccoli. It’s not because it was bad but just a bit boring…beside we only ordered it because we thought we’d order some veg…. Also the Halva Cream Brownie, I had such high expectations but this just didn’t deliver. It was far too sweet, I felt that the texture didn’t really work and could hardly taste the different flavours… 

This is definitely a restaurant I would go back to again as there are still dishes that I want to try! I’m also very glad about that as lately I’ve found that most of the new restaurants ive tried were more style over substance!!!

If you’d ask me what was my favourite dish then I would have to say….the Challah Bread and I’m not a massive fan of bread!!! I would easily eat 2 or 3 of these myself!!!

Now this place is not cheap, for our lunch we spent approx £100 for 2 with a drink each. But  as a lunch and dinner then it’s good value for money!!! Lol!!! Last thing we randomly had a £34 bottle of wine added to our bill!!! However the waiter for happy to take it off as soon as we pointed out the mistake. 

Hibis Kiss Portobello Road No 171 Gin, Lime & Hibiscus Sherbet, topped with Tonic Water. As refreshing as it looks!!!
Challah Bread – this is an absolute must!!! It’s sooooo delish!!!
Polenta Jerusalem style Asparagus, mushroom ragout, parmesan & truffle oil. Need me say more?
Cornfed chicken Cooked in buttermilk & Jerusalem mix spice with rainbow swiss chard & freekeh. Perfectly seasoned and moist!!!
Agnolotti and Veal Sweetbread with onion cream, crispy shallots & burnt egg yolk.
Pork Belly Tajine With Ras el Hanout, dried apricots & Israeli couscous. The meat just melted in my mouth!!!
Pak Choi and Tenderstem Broccoli. Fresh but boring
Malabi Rose-scented milk pudding, raspberry coulis, coconut meringue pistachio crunch, fresh raspberries & kataifi. i still gobbled this up even though I was stuffed!!!

Halva Cream Brownie served with Italian meringue, cardamom marshmallow & spiced poached pear. Sounds amazing but didn’t do it for me


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