Handmade birthday present

Here’s my 1st post on crafting.

I’ve tried needle felting about a year ago and as with everything I try my hand in I got obsessed!!! I start buying all sort of bits and bobs. Lol. Then I got into something else!!! So I put it aside…

Yet recently I got back into it, this was actually inspired by my trip to the Museum of Childhood. They have an exhibition at the moment called “Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls’ House” where there was a needle felted bear. So once again I picked up my needle and wool…

I’ve made a few things recently and one of my favourite halves the grumpy cat I made for the BF for Valentine. So I thought about making a goat for a friend as we’re both Aries. My 1st attempt was it good…

Then I found this on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=le9u6fwmPlM and this was so adorable. There are many more from the same channel and they are all very cute. Check them out!!!

I hope my friend will like my version even though it’s not as cute…

My inspiration to start needle felting again
Grumpy cat, side view. Haha realised that these look very hairy, I did trimmed this after…
My 1st attempt was more a sheep….
I started with the face and body
Some round shapes for the wool
Starting to come together
The finished product

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