Last year was the crazy year where I went on 10 holidays. I had lots of fun, saw and experienced things that I’ll never forget. However it left me pretty out of pocket…and missed lots of happenings not to mention new restaurants in my hometown…London

Therefore 2015 will be more about staying in London and exploring. However I do still have a few trips already planned. Yes I wish I could be one of those people who go with the flow. I’m not, I’m Miss organised who likes to write an itinerary for a weekend to Europe!!! Look, I’ve tried the other ways and it didn’t work out well! Ok!

So for 2015 I have the below travel plans to date…if anyone have any recommendations then please let me know!!!

Mar – Pattaya (part of the annual “homebound” Macau/HK)
Apr – St Petersburg, Russia (getting a visa is pretty hard work!!!)
Oct – Seoul (2nd time going to the 24hrs city and it’ll be a proper girlie trip!!!) Busan & HK

That’s it for now but I’m sure I’ll be planning some more soon….

Enough about the future, now for my next few posts I’m going into the past..

I’ll be posting about my Jan trip to Munich, a few new restaurants I’ve visited in the last weeks and an immersive theatre experience. So watch this space….


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